Saturday, June 7, 2014

Finding the Balance Between Strength and Flexibility

A few weeks ago, Loblaw invited me to a bloggers' retreat to give me a taste-test of what's new for the summer of 2014.

When I was deciding to go, I had the proverbial angel on one shoulder telling me to be the responsible teacher and mother and stay home to write report cards and buy my kids new shoes. The devil was on my other shoulder reminding me that a few all-nighters never killed anyone and that when opportunity knocks and offers to buy you dinner, you accept.

I accepted.

I also listened to the angel and brought my computer and giant red teacher binder and made myself the promise that whenever I had a spare moment, I'd do my work.

Well, apparently the devil didn't like that promise because the wifi stinks and thus, the reports aren't happening.

I was beginning to freak out.

But then,

somewhere in between the smoothie bar, all-dressed chips, and my new blue flip flops, I began to understand that the devil was really the angel all along.

According to Loblaw's chef extraordinaire, (and part-time yoga guru), Andrea Buckett, yoga is about finding a balance between strength and flexibility.

And so is life.

And I think I'm just might be starting to find that balance.

Ok. That's enough for now. It's lunchtime. I'll tell you all about what we ate a little later...

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