Thursday, January 2, 2014

So What's New In 2014?

Not much...

Except for that I've got a few goals:

1. Complete the 50 Book Pledge (click on the widget to the right for more info). Actually, since I'm Canadian and our exchange rate isn't as awesome right now, I think that its more like the 52 book pledge. Which works out well since there are 52 weeks in a year! So far, I've got one down:
Nicholas Sparks: One of my many guilty pleasures.
It's not a vacation unless I've got one of his books stashed in my beach bag.   
 And one on the go:
Love Paris. Love Degas. Love ballet.
And my friend, Jodie, says its awesome.
Have you read it? 
 2. I will (try to) write every day. Its the only way I'm gonna get better. Some days it will be a lot. Some days it may only be a few words.  Will you read what I write? And comment on it? And follow and subscribe to my blog? It's really nice when I know that people are reading what I write.  I'm even open to criticism... as long as its constructive. I'm very sensitive.

3. I will take advice from the title of my very own blog and try to lighten up a bit. Notice I said try. Those of you who know me know I freak out. A lot. Over things other people wouldn't freak out about. Like two rainy days in a row while on vacation. Like the barbecue not heating up fast enough when we've got company. Like my eyebrows slowly going grey and feeling like wherever I go people are whispering about the freaky grey eye-browed lady. I need to stop stressing so much and just go with the flow.

4. Eat more real food and less paprika crisps-if you know what I mean. Due to the giant ice storm and subsequent power failure, my fridge and freezer needed to be completely emptied out and I'm starting fresh. No more Kraft Slices (I swear those were my husband's, not mine!). He loves them but, as my daughter says, they're only on ingredient away from not being food. That's it! I'm putting my food down. First real recipe coming soon! Any requests?

That's all for now! See y'all tomorrow.

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