Sunday, October 6, 2013

5 Things

The other day I was listening to CBC Radio 2 (I do that now that I'm 40 years old) and I heard a snippet of a conversation that went something like this:
List the 5 best things that happened to you today.
Now list the 5 worst things that happened to you today.
Look at both lists; they'll reveal what you value.

Since it's only 9:30 am on a Sunday morning and not much has happened besides my kids demanding I make them breakfast and then me saying, "No way. You're on your own," and then seconds later relenting and re-crisping a loaf of multigrain French bread I purchased at the Farmer's Market yesterday, I am going to cheat and form my list based on events in the last 24 hours.

In no particular order-certainly not chronological-here goes:

1. Feeling proud of myself when I finally got off my butt and went running after almost an entire day (and almost an entire week) of excuses.
2. My son agreeing to choose the fish sandwich over the French fries at the Farmer's Market and then NOT picking out any of the vegetables when he ate it.
3. Dancing with my friends at an awesome house party as we celebrated the baby in our group, Alyssa, turning 40. This moment was made even better by the fact that my husband was deejaying and I was wearing heels that didn't hurt.
4. Finding a parking space directly in front of Lee Valley tools on King Street. There are never parking spots on King street and finding one was the catalyst for me have a great day hanging out with my son.
5. The potato pancake with smoked trout appetizer at Alyssa's party.

1.Making my morning cup of coffee and then discovering that there's not a drop of milk-chocolate or white-in the house. And I hate black coffee.
2. Getting dressed for the party and the outfit I had assembled in my head did not at all look as good on as I had imagined and then not being able to decide on something else and then leaving the house less than 100% happy with what I was wearing. Has that ever happened to you?
3. Feeling bad that my daughter had such a bad headache that she was almost crying and I didn't do enough to help her out. Why didn't I cradle her in my arms and rub her back?
4. Not cleaning out my bathroom drawers yesterday like I had planned on because I wasted time on...nothing.
5. The fact that the bee sting in my arm pit is still red and itchy more than two days after being stung. So annoying and at the same time, so gross.

After looking over my list, I am no closer to uncovering the enigma of what I value than I was before making it. In fact, I'm even more confused. And I have even more questions about who I am. Is my list even valid? Are those really the things I liked and disliked the most? Or am I just too shallow and/or shy to dig deeper?  Do I even need to dig deeper or is it ok that I really think the worst thing that happened to me is that in my extensive wardrobe, I couldn't decide on what to wear? Am I a shallow person whose lists doesn't at all reflect the feelings of being grateful for my wonderful life that I should be feeling? Or do you think it's ok if I think that life doesn't get much better than finding a clutch parking spot on one of the busiest streets in one of the busiest cities in North America?

What do you think my list says about me?

What's on your list? And what do you think it says about you?

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