Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer. It Ain't Over 'till It's Over

School uniform? Purchased.

Classroom set up? Done.

Summer vacation? Over.

This can only mean one thing:

The End is near.
While I will concede and purchase school supplies, wear a sweater at night, and change my toenail colour from Marshmallow white to I'm not Really a Waitress red, I will not accept that summer is over.  According to my calculations, there are officially four weeks left of summer and I intended to make the most of them.  I've got a lot more summer lovin' left in me...and most of if has to do with food (as always).
Sadly, the big-bad WORK monster is looming in the shadows, which means that if I really want to live the dream, I'm gonna have to do it fast. That is why I declared today the 1st Annual Sit-My-Bikini-Clad-Butt-By-the-Pool-and-Chillax Day.

To celebrate this festival, one must have the appropriate accoutrements. In my case, that meant a good book, a cool pool, a fruity drink, and some tasty (yet still bikini-worthy) snacks.

President's Choice Black Label Sangria, Kale and Spinach Greek Yogurt Dip, and Sea Salt Crackers. 
It's not a party unless these three are invited. 
Luckily, my neighborhood has both a Loblaws and No Frills within a ten-minute bike ride from my house so in less than 30 minutes, I can go from dead-zone to party zone. Now, normally I'd make everything from scratch, but these products are so awesome that it took very little to convince me that I barely had to lift a finger to have a super-yummy snack.
Today was great. And I fully intended to make the remaining 27 days just as wonderful. Tomorrow: the Toronto Women's 10k & then a friend's cottage.  And Sunday we'll be heading to Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market. And then Monday, we're gonna hang at the beach.  And then Tuesday...

Fill in the blank for me; what am I missing? What else must I do before the leaves start to fall?

Super-Fruity Sangria for One
This recipe is easily doubles, triples, etc...but my party was a party for one so that's all I made.

1 cup  +1/4 cup President's Choice Black Label Sangria, chilled
1 cup white or rose wine, chilled
1 peach, chopped up
4-5 strawberries

1. Make the ice cubes: blend the peaches, berries, and 1/4 cup of the sangria mix.  Pour into an ice cube tray and freeze for at least 2-3 hours.  While your waiting, take your phone off the hook, power down, and put duct tape over your doorbell.
2. Assemble: pour the sangria mix, wine, and a few ice cubes in a glass with a colourful straw.  Sip, sigh, repeat.


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