Monday, August 26, 2013

Life's a Picnic on Eat Outside Day

On Saturday, August 31st, I will be joining millions of people across North America in celebrating Eat Outside Day by -you guessed it- eating outside. 

I love this day for a whole whack of reasons.  Here are my top three:

1. Instead of lamenting over the fact that it's the last day of August and thus, the impending doom of winter is nearby, we are instead choosing to live in the moment.  And that moment is hot and sunny.

2. I love good food.  It tastes good and makes people happy.

3. I love being outside. Starting from  my morning coffee which I consume while admiring my garden to late-night summer swims, I try to spend as much of my waking hours outside as possible.

Thus, for me, August 31st isn't merely a lunchtime picnic in the park. It's an all-day affair. After all, it's not call Eat a Meal Outside Day, it's called Eat Outside Day.  And for me, that truly means all day.

This past weekend we were invited up to a friend's cottage for the day - the perfect opportunity to test drive a few products from President's Choice in advance of next week's festivities.

10 am: Getting reading to roll.  While my husband took care of packing up the car and my kids took care of packing up the dog, I took care of packing up the food.

Salsa & Chips; Hummus & Carrots, GORP made with PC Black Label apricots & PC Blue Menu Pretzels; and the Infamous Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies.  This day is gonna be great!
11 am: Ok.  So there's slightly more traffic on the highway than we anticipated.  Luckily I packed the Apricot Gorp in my purse and a hunger emergency is avoided.

2 pm: Lunch is a distant memory, there's not a cloud in the sky, and the Frisbees are flying. Crack out the hummus and carrots.

6 pm: The ribs are slowly smoking on the 'cue and the smell is making us all hungry.  Break out the salsa and chips for a little appetizer.

9 pm: The stars are out, the bonfire is lit, and the marshmallows are roasting.

9:02: The MOST decadent chocolate chip cookie s'more.  How have I not thought of this earlier?
The Daughter and her Decadent s'more. She said it's even better than regular s'mores because the chocolate chips melt faster.

10:00pm.  Our family of four makes a sticky, yet satisfied retreat back to the city.  Another awesome day spent outside, thanks to the Koltun family and President's Choice.

RECIPE FOR GORP (Good old raisins and peanuts)
One package of PC Black Label Apricots
One cup of PC Blue Menu Multigrain Alphabet Pretzels
One cup of mixed nuts
One cup PC raisins

Mix well and keep in a tightly sealed container.

To have your own awesome Eat Outside Day, visit your local Loblaws, No Frills, Valumart, or Real Canadian Superstore for these and other President's Choice products.


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