Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1st: It's Go Time

"It was a tradition between them that they should never be too tired for anything, and they found it made the days better on the whole and put the evenings more in order."
Tender is the Night
F. Scott Fitzgerald
9 weeks.
9 weeks is all I get to...

Read these books for fun.

Read these books for serious.

Transform this room into my Mom-cave.

Transform this room into a Kid-cave...that they'll actually use.

Run (or something) every day.
Pack for Spain & Morocco.
Get vaccinated for Spain & Morocco.
Go to Spain & Morocco.
Eat at least one strawberry from my garden before the squirrels get to it.
Successfully grow spinach-which everyone but me thinks is the easiest thing to grow.
Get in the habit of eating more of this:

and less of this:

Learn how to can tomatoes and pickle some vegetables.
Learn how to use my Iphone/Windows 8/Ipad beyond the most basic capabilities.
Write every day.
Fix this:

Get caught up on Game of Thrones.
Find out if Homeland, Downton Abbby, et al are worth all the fuss.
Bike more.
Drive less.
Get food from these places in this order: my backyard, Farmers' Markets, the grocery store.
Spend time with Friends (and I meant to have a capital letter there to those of you out there mentally editing my work)
Spend even more time with my sweetheart.

Get used to some sort of routine in my life by September 3rd so that come next July 1st, I won't have to worry about half of the items on the above list.

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