Sunday, July 7, 2013

Appreciating My First World Life

Yesterday Twitter, Facebook, CNN and the like were all a-buzz with the news of a plane crash in San Francisco.  While my heart does go out to those affected, the truth is, there were more people killed in traffic accidents in San Fran that day than there were in that plane crash. 

At the same time, halfway around world in Nigeria, almost 30 schoolchildren were killed (many in their sleep) for absolutely no reason.  Children who, in a country of extreme poverty, violence, and corruption, with a literacy rate of only 61% and a net primary school attendance of only 58% (high school, which this was being even lower), were the FORTUNATE ones who got to attend school. 

At the same time, I got to spend my day just enjoying the awesome first-world life I am fortunate to have.  And while it may seem shallow to "brag" about this day when so many around the world were experiencing tragedy, I prefer to look at is as being appreciative for what I have:

This is what's awesome in the first world:

The Newmarket Farmers' Market

Cookies that look and taste like strawberries.

This guy's portable wood-burning pizza oven. And the awesome pizza he makes in it.

Uncle Jack's meat pies.  The only thing better than the pies was how much his wife, Mrs. Uncle Jack was bragging about him.  Look for them on an upcoming season of Recipe for Riches.
This Dad who insisted I take one of his butter tarts when I asked if they were good. 

How proud this guy was when a fellow customer vouched for the deliciousness of his farm-fresh eggs.   

This beautiful family making our world a better place by growing organic veggies and picking each and every weed by hand.  One reason why organic is so much more expensive.  Its worth it.

Bakers with a sense of humour. 

Corso Italia Street Festival

This guy dancing like no one was watching.

Cops on their horses who were standing at command so that people could take pictures.  Isn't it great to live in a place where the police are considered the good guys?

This kid singing a homemade Italian song in his warbley, pre-pubescent voice.

...and the couple that loved it so much they were compelled to dance.
Riding an empty streetcar home at the end of the night in downtown Toronto and feeling completely safe.

Life is good. 

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  1. Misus, I think I'm traumatized by the Trayvon Martin case that I got off the wrong foot on you. My skin color is dark and I can't have long hair like you.

    The first world is not a paradise for darker skin ppls and blacks are the majority of incarcerated persons in prison.

    You don't know what the tension is amongst dark skin ppls and white skin ppls in America and Canada.

    I think i wwas angry as white ppls have a future in the 1st world while Trayvon Martins like me end up impoverishes and end up oppresed and disrciminated.

    Ma'am thank you for writing about Nigeria poverty. Blacks & visible minorites in the 1st world face less severe hardships.

    I think God cursed me for being born a visible minorities growing up in a white man country.