Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First world problems

Last year, when I was on a prime rant about how "difficult" my life is (and I really meant it at the time), my friend, Chris, made a tongue-in-cheek comment about how he felt bad for me and all my first-world problems.

That stopped me in my tracks.

Since then, that statement has become my own mini-mantra:

Those three extra pounds that snuck up on me because I have too much to eat?

First world.

Stressing over the fact that a few days of my annual trip to my house in Florida might be unseasonable cold?

First world.

The texture of my skin not being quite as baby-soft as it was five years ago?

First world.

The inconvenience of having to take my my brand-new, top-o-the-line car in to the shop to fix a minor recall?

First world.

Dreading having to get up an hour early tomorrow morning to drive my son to basketball practice at his private school?

First world.

Annoyed because I just realized that I missed the season's finale of Extreme Couponing last week and I can't find it on Netflix?

First world.

…and those are just the things that I instinctively wanted to complain about today.

The thing is, I really, really wish that I could believe that mantra that Chris (doesn't know he) gave me last year, but the thing is, I really do stress over those extra three pounds and the crappy weather in Florida and the dumb-ass recall on my car.

I've got a good friend whose raising her daughter on her own…all while completing her PhD in another city while simultaneously teaching at a whole other university.  She always has a smile on her face and seems to love life.

She is just one of the dozens of women I know whose lives are just as nuts (if not more) than mine, yet they never seem to lose their sh*t and freak out the way I do.

The other day, I freaked on my husband because he bought the wrong kind of doughnuts.  He dragged his butt of out bed when he had the flu to go to the store and pick up the doughnuts I needed for a party.  And I freaked out on him.   Why?  No one even cared about those doughnuts but me.

While I'm writing this, rockets are being launched in North Korea, Syrians are worrying about chemical warfare, there are still 800 people missing in the Philippines because of a Typhoon Bopha, and flooding in Nigeria is washing away hundres of people's homes and livelihoods. 
...and I worry about my Chocolate Fudge Crackle Cookies not crackling?

First world problems.

How do they do it?  How do you do it?  What's the secret to not having daily freak-attacks over your first world problems?

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  1. Sis, someone smart once said to me, 'Your reality is your reality, and no one else's.' Your problems are not less because someone else's are more. You are allowed to get upset and worried and whatever about the things that impact you. Try not to mitigate your own feelings by comparing them to someone else's. You will make yourself cray cray.