Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What did you do in school today?

Today in school I…

…got to school before 8 to attend a meeting with a whole bunch of other teachers before school because a single student really needed our help

…threw out the faux peanut-butter and jam sandwich I brought for breakfast because I ran out of time to eat it before school started.  And then by break, it was just gross.

…helped the tiniest little girl cram the most ginormous pile of books into her bag

…helped out a different little girl who didn't feel safe going home

...told a 12-year-old boy the story of Cinderella. For the first time in his life. Can you believe he'd never heard it before?  My favourite part?  The 22 other voices in the room who helped me tell him the story without a single giggle.  We even had quite a heated debate over whether the Fairy Godmother was a round or flat character.  Do you know what a round character means?  Do you know what a flat character means?

...gave lollipops to 8 special needs students after they co-operatively worked so hard to unscramble the following sentence:

my  rip  How  ?  left   giant   a   jeans   did   knee   new   the   in

can you figure it out?

...giggled to myself when I passed a 14-old-boy who was casually singing, "Its Raining Men" while packing up his backpack.

...tried to help a friend get a teaching job.  She was let go last week because her school reorganized and there was no longer room for her.  I hope she gets the job.  She's one of the best teachers I know.

….listened to the following Haiku written by one of the toughest, roughest boys in my class:

I play in the pile 
of leaves, forgetting that I'm
turning 13 soon.

…watched as one student gently moved the leg braces out of the way to that he could sit closer to the owner of the leg braces.  They were partners, you know.

…convinced a child that, no, not everyone talks to each other that way, and that no, it is not okay.  And then, later, as I watched as he helped a student out without being asked, knew that he had heard me.

…learned that when he's allowed to stand up to do his work, a certain student is an academic rockstar.

…left school at 4:15 after marking more than 50 tests, getting ready for tomorrow, changing the word-of-the-day, updating our class blog, and communicating with a couple of anxious parents.

What I did not do today:

I did not have time to eat lunch

I did not have time to refill my water bottle

I did not get past the tip of the iceberg-sized to-do pile of marking on my desk.

I did not get to spend as much one-on-one time with each child in my Special Needs class as I had hoped for.  

I did not get to go for a morning run with the students of the Cross-Counry team.  Something I have grown to love.  

I did not have the ability to keep a couple of kids late for extra help even though they really, really need it.

I hope this nonsense is over soon.


  1. Any parent would be thrilled to have you as their teacher. And, your students are very lucky.

  2. So proud of you Cayla! Your unique insight and captivating storytelling makes me see things in a totally different way every time I read your blog.

  3. You sound like a great teacher!

  4. Hey there chickie. Here's a confession...Everytime I get to sit during my prep and listen to you teach your classes, I'm always impressed at how effective you are as a teacher. I wanna be more like you - no offense. I often think I'm not as effective as I should be. And I'm feeling so overwhelmed this year - its crazy planning week to week.