Sunday, September 2, 2012

…and now back to our regularly scheduled program

So after reading the 250+ comments on my teacher rant blog of last week, I have discovered two important things about myself:

1.  I could never, ever be a politician because I could not stand people constantly disagreeing with me or people insulting me.

2.  I take it way too personally when people don't agree with me or when people insult me.

As a distraction from all of the comments declaring us teachers are whiny, overpaid, egotistical, and useless civil servants whose position could be filled by a high-functioning robot (I'm paraphrasing, of course), I surfed around the web and, among other interesting things, such as Lady Gaga's doctored Vogue Pictures,  found The 30 Things Challenge.

The 30 things challenge is a challenge for women to come up with 30 positive qualities about themselves.  It all began when Dorothy of Singular Insanity, was given this challenge as an exercise in her support group for women recovering from domestic violence. While I am lucky enough to have never been in that position, I think that the 30 Things Challenge is an exercise everyone should attempt every few years.

Personally speaking, it sounded like just the thing my ego needed after being beat down approximately 150 times in the past week.

So here we go…

1.  I'm outspoken. I stand up for what I believe is right, whether its convenient or not.
2.  I have the patient to wait for the cashier to get a price check when I am sure the register is wrong.
3. I always strive to do the fair thing (I'm a Libra)
4. I smile at fellow runners and walkers.
5. I love my kids more than I ever thought I could.
6. I love my husband and appreciate and respect my marriage.
7. I'm good at making up recipes on the spot, like deconstructed cherry pie.
8. I trust people.
9. I am really good at editing other people's essays and poems.
10.  I can usually predict what's going to happen in books and movies.  I'm good at spotting "foreshadow."
11.  I'm not afraid to get dirty or break a nail.
12. I'm not afraid of thunder or lightening.
13. I'm a really fast reader.
14. I am able to think fast under pressure.
15. I let people with only one or two items go in front of me at the grocery store.
16. I know how to make the perfect sandwich without it getting soggy or the tomato sliding out.
17. I was able to grow my entire edible garden (including fruits, veggies, and herbs) without a single chemical or pesticide.
18. I let myself each chips, cheezies, cupcakes, fried chicken and more without worrying (too much) about my weight.
19. I say sorry when I bump into people.
20. I say thank you when people open doors for me or let me in when driving.
21. I own up to it when stopped by the police for speeding or things like that (not that it happens often).
22. I am getting better about admitting when I need help or am in over my head.
23. I am getting pretty good at couponing and saving money.
24. I can run really far.
25. I am not afraid of computers or other technology.
25. I work well independently.
26. I'm good at brainstorming.
27. I like to be different.
28. I'm not afraid to admit that I like cheesy music; one of my favorite songs is Cover Girl, by RuPaul.

29. I do not drink alcohol to relax or when I am stressed out. I respect that it is a dangerous drug.
30. I am learning to accept that I'm not perfect, nor will I ever be and that that's Ok.

How about you?  Can you come up with 30 things? Either put them on your own blog with the link below, or just simply list them below…even your top 10.


  1. I think I'm going to try for 10.

    1. I am very comfortable in the kitchen and can cook without measuring most things. (in fact, I can look at a dish - either picture or from a restaurant, and try to cook it pretty close.)

    2. I am willing to accept the fact that my body may take more than a year to change back to somewhat like what it used to be pre-babies.

    3. I love wearing my baby and miss wearing her when she was little.

    4. I am a very kind and generous person.

    5. I'm not scared of hospitals or needles.

    6. I have a lot of patience, especially for my own kids.

    7. I will buy other people gifts before myself whenever I'm out shopping.

    8. I'm really good at using Microsoft Excel.

    9. I am really good at crafts and figuring out how to do/make something.

    10. I am a much more confident driver than I was 3 years ago - yes, I'm a late bloomer.

    1. You. are. awesome! I love crafts, too! And I also buy gifts for others when I'm out shopping...