Monday, July 2, 2012

The first day of the rest of my life

So exactly 6 months ago, I made 17 New Years' resolutions.  And they all seemed so easy to keep.  All I had to do was stick to a resolution for 21 days and like magic, it would become a habit.

Of my 17 resolutions, the only one I (sort of) managed to keep was the first one, the fake sugar one.  I am happy to report that in the past 6 months, not one jelly belly, life saver, sour key, or Swedish berry has passed over my lips.  Chocolate, Fruit Loops, and ice cream on the other hand…

Here's the rundown:
I am slightly more organized (ok…not really; I still have students cleaning my desk for me and my husband on the verge of a nervous breakdown over the clutter on my side of the bed)
I pretty much got rid of my gastro-problems (ok…not really; earlier I had some potato salad uncomfortably jammed in my esophagus)
I am slightly better in math (ok…not really, but I finally understand why FOIL-first, outer, inner, last-makes sense…and I just got a new job teaching English so who really cares anyways?)
I still buy too much useless stuff (like the two bottles of do-it-yourself 30 day defrizzer that I am afraid to use because what if it ruins my hair and makes it even frizzier? This brings us to…)
I am still afraid of everything.
I still talk too much.
I still waste time on nothing.
I still don't use my cookbooks often enough
I still haven't renovated my kids' bathroom…

…but all that is about to change tomorrow.  Tomorrow I am starting the process of renovating my kids' bathroom.  Along with using my cookbooks, not wasting time, not being afraid, getting organized, and a couple other things that I think will make my life easier when school starts up again in two months.

I have exactly 8 weeks to change my life.  I am going to go to yoga.  Visit Farmer's Markets. Use the cookbooks I love and give away the ones I don't.  Have a party to give away those books.  Eat chips and not picture "a lifetime on my hips." And I am going to hold myself accountable by telling you what I've been up to. Apparently, this is the one upside to caring what others think of me…

So this is what you can expect in the next 8 weeks (and hopefully, 6 months).

My Revised List of New Years' resolutions

1. Buy less; use what I've got (or what I've grown).  Not only to save money, but to save the planet.
2. Sweat every day…in one way or another.
3. Stop being afraid…of what others' think of me, of people being mad of me, of people disagreeing with me. Of spiders and the dark and getting my hair wet.
4. Get organized.  In so many ways that I don't even know where to start.
5. Don't waste time….recognizing that relaxing by the pool with a book or sleeping in or finding out why TomKat are divorcing is not wasting time, its just being on vacation.
6. Read more, write more, cook more, and have more fun….a few of my favorite things that I forgot about for a little while.

So today, I went for a (short) run, did some laundry, couponed at Walmart, and made Kale Chips to go with my chili dogs and white wine for dinner…along with the potato salad that sadly, got caught in my esophagus.
Kale Chips, Chili Dogs, and White Wine.
I know the picture isn't gorgeous, but I'm a writer, cook, runner, wife, mother, friend, teacher, etc…
I suck at photograophy.
Deal with it.

In case you haven't managed to find one of the kazillions of recipes for Kale Chips, here's mine:

5-10 kale leaves (I just pick what I want off the kale plants growing in my garden)
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp sea salt

Wash, dry, and tear kale into pieces the size of your palm
Put on a parchment (or silpat) covered cookie sheet and pour on the oil and salt.
Toss it about 'till the leaves are pretty evenly coated
Bake at 350 for 8 minutes, mix it all about and then bake for another 8 min (or a bit more or less 'till the leave are crispy)

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  1. yum...kale chips and chili dogs. Funny blog :)