Thursday, July 26, 2012

10 Things I thought I'd never do:

1. Run a marathon
2. Run more than a block
Reason: I have asthma and really skinny ankles and when I was in school, I was the one who held the stopwatch for the gym teacher while everyone else ran. And when they finally tried to make me run, I cheated by purposefully being the slowest one and ducking into my house which was along our route.  And then, as soon as humanly possible, I dropped gym.

3. Be a teacher. 
Reason: It just seemed like such a cliche and so expected.  I always loved books and learning. I always played "school" with my sisters with me being the teacher. In both my grade 3 & grade 8 autobiographies I wrote that I wanted to be a teacher.  Every volunteer job that I ever did, from working at the London Regional Childrens' museum to giving art history seminars at Chapters, I was, in essence, a teacher.  But to actually be a teacher…no way!  What I really, really wanted to do was be an art dealer/chef/medical artist.  Until I realized that I really, really, really wanted to be a teacher.

Turns out, I'm pretty good at it.  Much better than my art dealing/chef/medical artistry skills.

4. Grow my own food.
5. Like cucumbers.
Reason: I am not a farmer and cucumbers from the store taste like weird watery nothings. Cucumbers from my garden taste like…cucumbers.

6. Own a kimble…or one of those other electronic readers
7. Read on a kimble…or one of those other electronic readers
Reason: I like reading books. Actual books.  For years I took pleasure in debating with my students that "the book" was the most perfect form of technology ever invented because even after 1000 years, it hadn't changed at all…until the kimble came along.  But then two weeks in Thailand came along and two weeks worth of books did not fit in my suitcase the way the kimble did.

PS. For the record, I DO NOT like reading on a kimble, but I acknowledge that others might and that in some circumstances, like Thailand, it doesn't suck.

8. Drink smoothies in place of a meal
Yes. I drank this greenish slime.
Just in case you don't know how to make a smoothie here it is:
1 part something frozen (I used watermelon, but you could use any other fruit…or ice)
1 part something solid and fruity (I used strawberries)
1/2 part something liquidy and with protein (I used soy milk)
optional: a handful of a healthy veggie (like kale or spinach).
Now blend
It won't be pretty, but its pretty darn tasty and pretty darn healthy.
Reason: I love food.  I live to eat and not eat to live.  I fully believe that food is as much a social experience as it is a nutritional experience.  I have been know to give up training for a marathon in exchange for a good steak and red wine.  I don't understand how people can give up the pleasures of good food and exist in a bread-free, salt-free, chocolate-free, bacon-free, meat-free world. Until yesterday when it was hot and I was hungry but had just finished a run and could not possibly stomach solids but at the same time knew that if I didn't eat something, I would most certainly be tearing into a bag of Oreos while grocery shopping later.

Not that I don't love Oreos.  See? I have a package in my pantry right now: 

It's just that Oreos (like anything) need to be consumed in conditions conducive to maximum enjoyment.  With a tall glass of milk, at night, at the kitchen counter.  Just like greasy pizza can tastes just as good (or better) as Queen Margharita's Liberetto (or something like that) when consumed late, late, late after a crazy night night out.

9. Pay a "friend"to listen to me talk and give me advice.
Reason: Its just embarrassing for people to know that.  But now, after speaking to my "friend" I know that it shouldn't matter what others think.  And really (or mostly) I don't care…mostly. And I know I just repeated mostly two times. I have become a happier, calmer, more confident and less anxious person since my "friend" and I started talking a few years ago.

10. Clean a bathroom.  And like it.
Reason: I hate cleaning.  Or at least, I thought I hated cleaning.   Turns out that for me, running and cleaning are pretty much the same.  I hate running but I love finishing.  I hate cleaning bathrooms but I love a clean bathroom.  And just like driving 10k isn't as satisfying as running 10k, I am finiding that there is a strange, strange satisfaction I seem to be getting from cleaning my space myself.

I am pretty proud of # 1-9 but man, # 10? That whole cleaning? Its one thing that I wish I didn't realized that I like to do.

Is your life different than you expected?


  1. I agree with everything you've written especially #10 ! ? Though I must say I've always loved cucumbers - homegrown is the next level.
    You totally would be a teacher I wish I had - though best teacher role has
    been filled by Mr. Clarke (social science Windfields JHS) in my made-for-tv or movie life !! I don't know you, but you sound happy - so whatever decisions you've made in life thus far have served you well and be proud.
    We are too tough on our OWN selves. You sound like you are enjoying & appreciating life even though (at times) it doesn't appreciate you - I was passed on your blog out of the blue and read your teacher's rant and it brought me to write you (which I have NEVER ever done before). Anyway, thanks for the good reads and hope you find that schoolhouse !

  2. So weird! I also had Mr. Clark at Windfields JHS & think he is one of the best teachers I ever had. I still teach the Clark condensation method of studying to my students!