Thursday, June 14, 2012

The blog posts that weren't

So the countdown 'till the end of the school year is on and I am SO EXCITED to get back to my other life.  The life where I can go out with my friends every night of the week.  The life where I can spend every night with my husband.  The life where I can choose when I don't have to run either early in the morning (which I always say I'm going to do but never, ever do) or after school…when I'm exhausted.  The life where I have time to leaf through the cookbooks and recipes I've been collecting all year and make an awesome dinner.  The life when I can read a book all night long if I want and not have to worry going to school with puffy eyes.  The life when I can wear flip flops, spaghetti straps, and short-shorts and anything else that otherwise violates the school dress code.  The life when I can spend hours looking at pictures of my babies when they were babies and write them silly letters and send them comic books while they are at camp.

And the life when I actually have the time and mental stamina to write my blog again.

Today when I was looking for photos for the school end-of-year slide show, I came across all of the photos I took with the intention of using them for a blog post that I had written in my head.  Unfortunately, the words never quite made the transition from brain to screen.  But some of them were just too good to delete.

Here they are…in (sort of) chronological order:

The stack of books I had planned on reading LAST summer.
Good news: I've read about half.
Bad news: I've read only about half.

Caution: double entendre approaching:
The fruits of my labours:
Months of growing tomatoes + hours to make the sauce = two measly jars.
At least they tasted good?

Like mother, like daughter.

Oven-roasted tomato sauce with mushrooms.
Otherwise known as Pasta a la Olivia.
Why is it called pasta a la Olivia?
You'll never know because I never got around to writing about it.

Poutine & why I'm proud to be a Canadian.

Shopping for Jeans.

Getting over my fear of Karma
AKA:  the art of not getting dinged.

That's it.  Just muffins.

First annual mother/daughter trip.

A picture book about loving shoes.
Its like they had me in mind when they wrote it.

SO whaddya think?  Would you have liked to hear about any of this stuff? Do I keep going?


  1. Sister, I'd like to hear all of your stories.

  2. Jeans. I vote jeans. :)

  3. I want to hear about the books you read!