Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In the battle of Cayla vs. sugar….

Cayla won!

Sort of…

Its been almost six weeks and in that time, I have not ingested a single marshmallow, Oreo, Jelly Belly, or any other super-refined sugary treat.

I no longer mindlessly reach into the candy dish in my hallway.  I no longer reach into the box of my son's Cookie Crisp and grab a handful when I need a little something. I no longer order a strawberry-filled Timbit with my extra-large decaf with milk. 

I am formally declaring my sugar addiction to be over! 

But that does not mean I have quit sugar altogether.

In the rules according to Cayla, there are certain situations when it is perfectly acceptable to partake in refined sugar treats.  For example,

when the decadence and quality of the treat exceeds the negative effects of the sugar, you may eat sugar.
Glory Hole Doughnuts: the sickest ones this city has ever seen.  For more information, check out this post.

when you come across a rare nostalgic delicacy, you may eat sugar.

If you look carefully, you can spot that endangered soda species, Grape Crush.
I spotted this one among its herd in the drink fridge region of Burger's Priest.
when the leftover crumbles of bacon on the cutting board somehow find their way into the chocolate chip cookies you are baking for your kids, you have no choice but to taste-test the results.  You may (in fact, must) eat sugar.
Do I really need to explain?  Aren't you drooling enough by now?

When a sweet, sweet student presents you with ribbon-wrapped chocolate on valentine’s day, you may eat sugar.
When they first came out, Mars bars were marketed as "energy bars".
Also, the package states it is nut-free, kosher, and only had 3% of the recommended daily sodium intake.
Hence, I consider this a heath food.

In a nutshell, with very little effort (now…the first week was not easy), I am now able to rationally survey a situation and decide whether it is sugar-worthy or not.  And while I still may not be making the best decisions, I certainly am much better…which is what I was aiming for.

Stay tuned for resolution #2: Conquering  Mt. Messy (aka my desk) and becoming a lean, mean, organized teaching machine.

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  1. I think you're stellar. I've bee the opposite and have sunken into a sugar kick.