Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Breaking my sugar addiction, day 2: The bottom Drawer

After the success of my pantry at home, I decided that I needed to eliminate the sweet temptation of sugar in the place where I spend just as much time: school.

Discovering the contents of teachers' desks brings about a curiosity second only to the mysteries of the teachers' lounge.  And while I can safely say that the teachers' lounge in every school is probably the ugliest, most boring room on the planet, quite the opposite is true for our desks.  Between the confiscated toys, gum, electronics, cosmetics, toiletries, and snacks, its literally is a party-in-a-box.  

You know how where you were a kid and you needed a pencil and the teacher said that you could look in her desk but STAY AWAY from the bottom drawer?  Now you know why.

So what's in my bottom drawer? Check it out:
Just in case you can't tell, in here we've got CHOCOLATE chip All-bran bars (sounds healthy but the second ingredient is sugar), Chocolatey Delight granola bars (ditto on the ingredients), Twizzlers, Swedish Berries, and TWO containers of Milk chocolate caramels with sea salt-my weakness (sigh…)
No joke. This picture was not staged.  Give or take a few items, this WAS literally what my bottom drawer has looked like for the past 6 years.  It all started when a former student brought me a garbage bag full of chocolate bars.  His dad worked at a candy factory and this was their way of saying, "Thank you." That year, every afternoon, when I was alone in the room during my prep period, I would down a chocolate bar.  Ever since then, I've had a Pavlovian-dog thing about being alone in my classroom and feeling the need to eat chocolate.

Until now.

The treats are gone and have been replaced with this:

Organic raisins and multigrain crackers.
The cool thing is that the kids were begging for these healthy treats and I was happy to share.  I'm sure I would not be quite as proud to admit I was sharing my (former) candy stash with my students.  

Yet another good reason to say "sayonara, sugar!"

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