Thursday, December 15, 2011

Post #1 A sandwich from Zingerman's

This morning I came into work hours early with the intention of getting tons of work done, including writing a new blog post about all of the amazingness I've had lately.  So much amazingness, in fact, that I wasn't sure what I would write about.  So I've decided to write 3 posts and let you decide which one I should've written.

Eighteen years ago, my husband (then-boyfriend) and I drove to Ann Arbour where, among other things, I ate the best sandwich of my life at Zingerman's: fresh sourdough bread, pastrami, swiss cheese, and coleslaw.  I found this recipe for the coleslaw; try it and let me know. You know that question people ask, "what is the best meal you've ever had?"  I think of this sandwich.  I have tried to duplicate it over the years and I've come close, but no cigar...

…until this weekend when I was presented with the opportunity to return to the sandwich.  My son was invited to a Bar Mitzvah near Ann Arbour and I immediately agreed to take him.  I have to admit that the thought of returning to Zingerman's played a big part in that decision.

We had a blast.  My kids have inherited my love of road trips so the 5-hour drive was a breeze (even the emergency stop on 8-Mile Road for the girl with the world's smallest bladder). We all happily snuggled together in a king size-bed; their bodies radiate more heat than the sun and I woke up with a bruise the size of Australia but it was worth it. How many more years will they want to sleep with me?  We visited University of Michigan where (for a brief moment) I once again felt like a university student.  I miss those days and at the same time am envious of all my kids have waiting for them.  We got to hug and kiss relatives we hadn't seen in years.  We found out that the Target in Birmingham, MI has the exact same layout as the Target in West Palm Beach, FL; it was strangely comforting.

And I ate that sandwich.  My kids and I agreed that 18 years later, Zingerman's still makes the the best sandwiches in the world.

The sandwich menu at Zingerman's
Dozens to choose from
Dozens of people behind me in line waiting for me to choose.
Would you have been able to pinpoint the exact sandwich you ate two decades earlier?

The sandwich I thought I ate 18 years ago…
I was wrong but it was still good.

Maya's sandwich, the clear winner of the three
According to her, "the mayo sealed the deal."
Besides reliving the past, I also had a glimps of my future.  I found myself staring out the hotel window at almost 1am, hoping my son would come "home" soon.  I was both tired and worried.  "Five more minutes," I told myself. "Five more minutes and then I'm going down there to look for him myself." Luckily (for both of us), he walked in 2 minutes later.  Nobody needed to see me in a hotel lobby in red & white polka-dot pjs.
Waiting for their morning-after greasy spoon breakfast.
The first of many I see them having in the years to come.

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  1. Time is marching sis, but you are creating amazing memories with your kids. And, you've got a few more years before they stop sleeping with you. PS let's take a road trip. I want to try that sandwich.