Sunday, December 4, 2011

A letter to my teenage self:

Dear Cayla,

Stop being so mean to your sister.  Seriously.  Stop rolling your eyes at her, ignoring her in the halls at school, and even giving her the "finger" sometimes.  Its not such a big deal if she comes in your room or is talking on the phone all the time or has too many friends over.

Come to think of it, are you really mad at her? Or is it possible that you are just jealous of her.  Now, before you get all defensive, hear me out:

First of all, she has TONS of friends.  I know you have lots of friends, too…but for her, it just seems easier.

Second, she has TONS of boyfriends.  I know you have boyfriends, too…but for her, it just seems SO MUCH easier.

Third, she has the style and confidence to dress way better than you.  And she calls you out on it.  Look in the mirror, she's right.  You are a terrible dresser.  She also knows how to properly apply lipliner (MAC Spice).

Really, she's just cooler than you: she know the words to all the "in" songs, she gets invited to all the "in" parties, she even shares a locker with a future (but brief) NHL hockey player!  One of your friends will put it best when she says, "In high school, Sari was the girl that other girls said they hated but secretly want to be friends with."

Don't get me wrong, there are things she will do that will legitimately tick you off, like that time up at Western when she came up to visit her boyfriend (future husband) and was supposed to come over to your place for breakfast but then she ditched you at the last minute and you were stuck eating an entire recipe of baked french toast on your own.

One day, you will see your sister in a new light.  You will see that under that tough, self-confident exterior, she is more emotional, more caring, and more loving than you ever gave her credit for.  You will watch as she transforms from (who you thought was) the world's most self-centered person into the world's most selfless person.  Too selfless, in fact.

One day, instead of wanting her to go away, you will want to take her away, so that for even a little while, she doesn't have to worry about anyone or anything else. And you will realized that there is something really special about being able to be in a house or at the beach or on a plane with someone and not talk for hours. Not because you don't want to, but because you don't have to. There really isn't anyone else but your sister that you can say that about.  And you will realized that she is the only person you can trust to tell you that those jeans look terrible on you…without making you feel insulted.

And you will appreciate that in this world of 7 billion people, there is only one other person that also likes to camp out on the couch in dirty beach clothes to watch The Kardashians Take New York while eating Caprese salad and drinking white wine (actually, neither of you will even drink the white wine.  You think you will but you always end up throwingmost of it away)

Dear Teenage Cayla, stop being so mean to your sister because one day she will be your best friend.

A tomato & mozzerella cheese: on their own, nothing so special... 
But when you put them together (with a little fresh basil, olive oil, salt and pepper), the whole is so much bigger than the sum of the parts…just like sisters.

Caprese Salad.  So simple, it doesn't even need a recipe.  


  1. awesome post cayla! oh, how many times i remember being on the phone with you as you shared stories of the clothes stolen! you are so lucky to have one another but even more so recognize it! xo sammyg*

  2. How jealous I am of you having such a great relationship with your sister. Hard to do that with two brothers! I think that's why my friends were so important to me growing up.

  3. I am so happy you both love each other....it makes me so happy ......I always wished I had a sister....but am ecstatic and blessed that I have daughters....I love you all

  4. How beautiful......I am so happy you have such a wonderful relationship.....I always wished I had a sister.....but am filled with so much love and so very thankful that I have my daughters...and that you have each other....love u forever mom