Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm coming clean.

Since I have confessed to (pretty much) forgetting my anniversary today, I have decided to come clean about a few other things, too.

1.  I love this song & it is most likely what I am listening to if/when you see me powerwalking:

2.  I once ate two Big Macs in a single meal.

3.  I thew out my wedding dress by mistake and have blamed it on the movers.

4.  I got a speeding ticket a week after getting my new car.

5.  I love stew and it bugs me that the rest of my family hates it.  Same goes for spaghetti squash.

6.  I really, truly am afraid of the dark.  I think there might be ghosts or something.

7.  I failed grade 12 math by 2%.  I mean, could she not have just passed me?

8.  Its not so much that I chose not to go to Queen's University, its more like I didn't get into Queen's University.

9.  I almost got fired from Greg's Ice Cream because I couldn't make a good milkshake.

10.  Even though I think its stupid, I can't stop laughing every time I see this video clip.  

The Happy Couple, circa 1997

The even happier (and might I say even better looking) couple, circa 2011

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