Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Angelina & Me --Sisters from different Misters.

So for the third time in just as many months, I have been told that I look like Angelina Jolie.

The first time was our bike tour guide in Thailand who was amazed at the resemblance; that one was quickly dismissed (by my husband, not me) as our guide had been a Monk living in the Thai countryside for the past 12 years and it is entirely possible that all dark-haired Caucasian women look alike to him.

The second time was my children- slightly more credible sources.  Last month, I was cruising my favorite gossip websites and Maya was looking over my shoulder.  Angelina's face appeared on the screen and she asked, "hey Mommy, who is that girl?  She looks like you."

Later in the evening, that scene was repeated, this time with Billy.  Without any prompting from me, he, too, walked by my computer, glanced at the screen and commented on how I looked like the woman in the picture.  This observation was corroborated by my husband…who quickly added, "well, in that picture, anyways."

The third time came yesterday, as I was power walking down the street and ran into my nanny, Janeth, and her friend.  The friend quickly whispered something to Janeth.  "My friend thinks you look like Angelina Jolie,"  Janeth told me.  "And so do I,"  she added.

That's it.  This is getting crazy.  For the rest of my walk and detour into the grocery store, I felt like people were staring at me, wondering, "Is it her?  Is it Angelina?"

As I walked home, I reflected on my life and Angelina's and while there are slight differences between us, there are more than a few freaky ways we are the same.

Scientifically speaking, we all know that matter cannot be created nor destroyed, and that molecules are reused and recycled over and over and over again.  We all have at least a billion molecules that once belonged to Albert Einstein, and Picasso, and Genghis Khan. And each other.

Is it possible that somehow, in some scientific statistical mix-up, Angelina and I are sharing more molecules than the average two people?

You be the judge:

We both have tattoos.  Angelina does have slightly more than me (at last count 12 compared to my 3) but we both have tattoos that pay homage to our children and the challenges we have faced in our lives.

We both have very famous, very handsome husbands that are much older than us.  Brad is 12 years older than Angelina, has been in dozens of movies, and is wanted by women all over the world.  My husband is 7 years older than me, has been interviewed on T.V. and/or radio almost a dozen times, and was very, very popular among the freshman girls when he was in Law School.

We are both working moms.  Angelina has been in dozens of films, in addition to producing countless others.  I am a teacher and part-time blogger for myself & Urbanmoms.ca.

We both have Nannys for our children.  And they both think we look like Angelina Jolie.

We both house adoptees.  Angelina adopted 3 children who lived in developing countries.  I adopted a Pappillion puppy from a male nurse named Gerry Giroux who lives in Cabbagetown.

We are both easy riders.  Angelina roared through the movies Salt and Laura Croft on the back of a bike while I putt-putt around town on my Vespa.

We both have vacation homes.  Angelina spends her summers at a Chateau in the south of France.  I fly down south to my condo in West Palm, Fla.

While we have both dabbled in  veganism, we are both proud meat-eaters.  Angelina claims her vegan diet almost killed her.  I once tried to use soy milk in my cereal but it tasted gross, so I went back to regular milk.

We are both very committed to world issues.  Angelina has served as spokesperson for UNICEF, Doctors without Borders, and her very own Jolie-Pitt foundation, in addition to being involved in tons of other humanitarian organizations.  I am my school's rep for The Terry Fox run, raised thousands of dollars for cancer research, and grow my own vegetables.

and finally, the reason we're all here, we look alike.  Or do we?

You be the judge:

Here is Angelina being photographed by paparazzi while being asked for her autograph.

…and here I am in my car, taking my own picture with the only autograph I narrowly avoided giving was on the bottom of a ticket for taking photographs of myself when I should have been driving.

So what do you think?  

Are a former Thai Monk/bike tour guide, my children,  my Nanny, and my Nanny's friend right?  

Or were they all just being nice to be because I pay them (except my Nanny's friend, of course)?

Update: Feb. 15th
Just came back from the grocery store looking like this: sans makeup and without blowdrying my hair.
And once again, the woman in line in front of me &the cashier remarked that I looked like Angelina.


  1. It's like you're the exact same person. Unimaginable, really.

  2. So, do you have a costume for Halloween? Cause this one is a no-brainer. You ABSOLUTELY look just like her!!! And I guess it therefore goes without saying that you're STUNNING!