Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Things I love.

What do these shoes have in common with a great burger,  my internal body clock, and purple green beans?

A few days ago, a colleague of mine asked how my weekend went.  In the nanosecond it took before I answered, I went through a whole list of ways I could answer that. I could either tell her how sad it was because we had the unveiling of my Dad's gravestone or I could tell her about all of the other wonderful things that have been going on lately.

This is what went rushing through my mind:

In the Jewish tradition, this weekend's ceremony, this "unveiling" symbolizes the end of the mourning period.  And if you knew my dad the way I did, you would know that he wouldn't have wanted me to waste one more minute being sad.  He would have wanted me to live and appreciate my life and all the amazing things in it as much as I possibly could.  With that in mind, I want to tell you about all the things I loved in the past few days:

I loved this new burger restaurant, Holy Chuck.  The burgers were so juicy and fresh, the carmelized onions amazing, and the chipotle mayo…the spot that needed to get hit.  Please go there so it stays open for a long, long time.

I loved going to a good ole fashioned house party…except instead of the occassion being "Woo Hoo! The folks are away" it has turned into "Woo Hoo!  The kids are away!"  I love that our hosts offered nothing but booze, subs, breadsticks, and muffins and it was so fun.

I love my Stuart Weitzman nude slingback wedges.  First of all, gorgeous.  Second, the perfect shoe to wear with either a black dress, shorts, or my new wide-leg jeans. Finally, so super comfortable yet so high I could walk from the LBCO to Holy Chuck to the house party, and party all night long pain-free.

I love farmer's markets…almost as much as I love shoes.  And by that I mean for some reason, when mezmerized by either, I lose all fiscal self-control and walk away with much more than I intended to walk away with.  I love that my husband can taste and appreciate the difference in sausages and eggs bought at the farmer's market.  I love that my kids will try just about anything at the farmer's market, such as these weird looking ground cherries and purple(?) green beans.

I love that my brain has the ability to wake me up when I really, really need it to.  I set my alarm incorrectly on Sunday night but still managed to wake up automatically at 5:30am to get my son to school by 6:30am.  Remind me why I send my son to a school that ever requires him to be there at 6:30am...

Ground cherries.
May actually be a tomato but are actually weird looking.  And my kids like 'em!
I love that my daughter chose steamed broccoli and no-name brand ice cream sandwiches (vs the more expensive name brand) for her birthday today.

I love rainchecks at the grocery store.  No longer do I feel the need to rush to the store first thing Friday to make sure I get whatever is on super-special that week before they run out.  I now have the luxury of buying up to 4 jar of peanut butter for only $1 per jar…at my leisure. La de la. Who knew?

I love that I have the best husband in the world who knew when to hug me but not say anything, gave me the whole afternoon to be alone when I really needed it, and who took the morning off work to drive all the way to Brampton to get my daughter's birthday present.

So that is how my weekend was.

Life is good.

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