Friday, September 2, 2011

Cayla vs. food: The Bet

As soon as our glasses clinked, my fate was sealed.
I'm not sure exactly how the conversation got started, but tonight, over dinner at Trio (which is an awesome Italian restaurant in North Toronto), somewhere in between the deep-fried calamari, garlic bread, gnocchi, and ravioli, I accepted a bet proposed by my children: to only healthy foods for a whole month.

In their exact words, here are the details:

Dates: The bet begins at 7:30 am on Sept. 6 (the day after labour day) and ends at 7:30 am on Sept. 29 (my birthday…since it's not fair not to be able to eat cake on your own birthday)

What I can eat or what is considered "healthy" by my children: all veggies, all fruits, pasta, small amount of butter, healthy bread, organic meats, real cheese, dark chocolate (but only the healthy serving size), chopped liver (but only on Friday night, Shabbat), one glass of red wine (also only on Friday night, Shabbat), back bacon, only make it yourself pizza, milk.

What I cannot eat or what is considered unhealthy by my children: Candy, ice cream, chocolate (including chocolate milk, chocolate covered raisins, and anything else chocolate covered…which I LOVE), chips, cheezies, fried stuff, fast food (except Subway or Mr. Sub and then only the healthy choices), cookies, cupcakes, birthday cake, donuts, bacon, saucy chicken wings, movie theatre popcorn, pop, processed cheese slices, cereal targeted for kids, chain pizza.

When in doubt: Ask Billy or Maya, unless they are in the bathroom (Maya).  But then Billy said he would answer even if he was in the bathroom.  If they are not available, I can decide for myself as long as it is not processed and it is organic and sugar is not one of the first ingredients.

If I win: They each have to refrain from eating a favorite treat for one month.  Maya's is donuts and Billy's is soda pop.

If they win: They get to dress me up (hair, makeup, clothes, and shoes) for a family dinner with all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  And I have to explain why I look the way I look.

At first I suggested that I not be allowed Starbucks for one whole month but Maya said that would be too cruel.  Billy said that he likes me better when I drink coffee because then I'm nice.

So that's it.  I have been trying to make the change to a healthy, organic, "real" food diet and now, thanks to the taunts of my offspring, I am being forced to bring it on… in about 72 hours.

I'll leave you with this: if you were me, what would you eat for your last meal this long weekend?

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  1. My only concern is wine once a week....I couldn't do it!!!!!!