Sunday, July 17, 2011

Garage Sales

Teddy Bears for Sale!
That middle one is so life-like!
I love having garage sales.

I love the clean feeling I get from purging my cupboards and drawers of the crap that has been collecting for years.

I love coming across treasures I have not seen in forever and reluctantly letting them go, understanding that they are not talismans of my memories.  Just because I get rid of Billy's first bike doesn't mean I will forget about the first time he rode that two-wheeler all by himself.

I love the idea of being able to finally get rid of that mirror in my bedroom that I have hated since the day I bought it and now I can get a new one.

I love setting up my own little driveway "store" and watching my husband organize the items into different departments: electronics, clothing, books, toys, etc…

I love that the things that were just taking up space and collecting dust because I deemed them useless, ugly, or redundant are now going to be enjoyed, and maybe treasured, by someone new instead of ending up in a landfill somewhere.

I love watching the little girl who picks up one my books, starts reading the first few pages, and immediately gets engrossed.

I loved that a dad can proudly provide his daughter with (almost) brand-new figure skates; something he otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford.

I love peeking through the blinds and watching the scavengers come out of the woodwork as soon as I give up and give the rest away for free.

I love trading stories with my "customers".  I think that when people are sorting through my personal stuff, which is really a reflection of my life, they feel comfortable in telling me about their personal stuff.  Just today I found out that one woman's brother is dying, another one has an autistic 21-year-old son in a group home, and another one is going through a divorce and is living along for the first time.

I found out that a man's favourite city in the world is Rome (he also asked to see my photo albums of my trip to Italy but I politely changed the topic), and that another man is having friends over tonight to have a "shots" party.

I found out that as soon as I put out all the toys that my nieces never looked twice at when they were in my basement are suddenly awesome.  Their moms suggested that they leave these toys at "Auntie Cayla's house" so that they have something to play with next time they came over.  And so, the toys I had spent hours cleaning out of my basement will be going right back down where they came from.  

I got invited over to some one's house for Shabbat dinner, got told to donate all the proceeds of my sale to charity, and was asked if I could spare a cigarette.  I told that gentleman that I did not smoke and neither should he.

I was asked if "this skateboard works."  Four secure wheels on a wooden deck?  You're good to go.

I was asked 1001 question about the photo printer I was selling for two bucks!  For two bucks, you get two questions, sir.  The rest you can google.

I was asked if I would be bringing out more DVDs or books later in the afternoon.  Ummmm.  No.  This is not a real store.  We do not restock.

A gentleman was generally surprised, and even sounded a little ticked off, when my husband's suit did not fit him.  That's because it was custom-made for my husband, not for you.

But what do I love most of all about garage sales?  That at night, I can kick off my shoes, lay my now sunburned body down on the couch, and enjoy the $9.99 pepperoni pizza walk-in special paid for by the 2 pairs of salad tongs, 5 baseball hat, and 3 cookbooks that I didn't really need anymore.

The crime scene:
Twelve hours after setting up shop, this is what remains.  In case you can't read it, the sign on the post reads,
"Free Stuff, Take it all (except the tables)"
Apparently I can't even give away an old coffee maker, 4 Christmas stockings, and a photography book entitled,
 Made in Japan

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