Sunday, June 19, 2011

Would you rather eat salami... or salami?

Apparently, we are a family that loves Salami.

Two days ago, my hubby and son left for their annual father-son trip.  This year, it was fishing in Northern Ontario.  While they were planning this trip, I thought that perhaps Maya and I could have our own special mother-daughter weekend and do some cross-border shopping.  My hubby said (and I quote)
"It's not always about spending money, you know.  I'm sure you can think of something different to do with her."

Are you kidding me?

But I took the bait (excuse the fishing reference) and combed the internet for "something different to do".  I made a mega-fun list that included (but that was not limited to) an Italian street festival, a strawberry festival, Billy Elliot the musical, and a farmer's market.  The two of us went over each option in detail and at the end of it, Maya said, "Mommy, I really just want to go shopping."

Who was I to argue?

I would like to mention that while this was going on, my hubby and son were out SHOPPING for all new fishing equipment, fishing clothing, and fishing food.  And by fishing food, I mean food to eat while fishing:

  • FOUR different beef jerkey products
  • multiple bags of chips/pretzels/peanuts
  • multiple bottles of pop
  • multiple varieties of raw beef (burgers, steak, doggers, etc)
  • multiple kinds of lunch meat, including TWO different varieties of salami
  • a single tomato, apple, bag of carrots, and celery (neither of them even like celery) 
  • cheese.  Not brie, not parmesan, not cheddar.  Just...cheese.
Fast-forward two days and here we are:  Maya and I had a successful day of shopping, finding every last thing on her "what I need for sleepover camp" list, including full-piece pjs with a trap-door in the rear (did I reall just say rear?).  Hubby and Billy had a less-than-successful day of fishing and caught one, sad, stinky fish that they were told was unfit for eating.

The Big One?
We also discovered that despite the journey, both the female Hochbergs and the male Hochbergs ended up at the same destination for dinner:  Salami.

The ladies out on the town
Enjoying gelato from La Paloma after an awesome meal at La Bruschetta
They had it grilled on the barbecue with hunks of cheese and raw carrots on the side.  We had it at La Bruschetta as part of an Antipasto platter that also included truffled cheese, and fava beans with honey and black sea salt.  But still, Salami is salami. As much as I tried to deny it, we were two great minds that had though alike.

This made me think that perhaps fishing and shopping were also more alike than me (or the hubby) would like to think.  Here are my top 5 pieces of proof:

1. Both require ample pre-planning and preparation.  For fishing, its booking the lodge and getting the gear.  For shopping, its combing the flyers, planning our route, and making our lists.

2.  Both require sustenance: For fishing its pops and beers in a cooler (and leeches as bait...GROSS!).  For shopping its a venti unsweetened greet tea lemonade from Starbucks.

3.  Both require a TON of patience.

4.  Both give you a giddy feeling of exitement when you finally catch/find a keeper.  For us, it was the perfect plaid shorts from Winners.  The boys?  Well...they're still waiting.

and finally (and most importantly)

5.  Both provide ample "down-time" which provides ample time for the father/son or mother/daughter talks.

At the end of the day (or weekend) I think that we can all agree that a fishing trip and shopping trip are both valid ways of spending time together and are more alike than my husband would like to think.  I'm pretty sure we both spent the same amount of money, we both had a great time with our babies, and we both ate Salami.

And now, so can you:
Barbecued Salami Chips
This makes a great appetizer if you're having a barbecue.

Slice a whole bunch of Salami pretty thin...or buy already sliced Genoa salami
Grill over a medium heat until getting crispy and brown
Let cool a bit before serving.  When the cool off, they will get even crispier and chip-like
Serve with a variety of mustards .

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