Saturday, May 14, 2011

I may have stolen two books from Chapters today...

...and I blame the whole thing on The Gap.

It's all because I bought these two dresses there yesterday and was super-happy with my purchases until  this showed up in my inbox:

So of course, I had no choice but to go back to The Gap, return the dresses and the repurchase them with my coupon.  And then I though, since I have to go there and will get 30% everything I purchase, I might as well bring Billy and Maya so they can get a few things for summer.  And then since we are already at the mall, we might as well hit Chapters since Billy has read everything in his room and has been re-reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and his Calvin and Hobbes books to the point of them almost falling apart.

After devising this plan, it took us a mere two hours to get out of the house and to the mall, so of course, by the time we were done at The Gap, the kids were starving and thirsting to death (their words, not mine) which forced me to go into Pusateri's (for those of you not in Toronto, Pusateri's is a very fancy, very delicious, very expensive food shop. Check it out) to get them something before they faded away.  Once in the store, we grazed on the copious amounts of delectible samples, including the yummiest chocolate and cranberry foccaccia, before arriving at the pasta station.  There, my kids shamelessly took seconds, raving about the delicious sauce.  I looked at the jar, then looked at the chef preparing the samples, and then looked back at the jar.  Same face. Fast forward ten minutes and I have now used all the money I saved at The Gap on an obscenely expensive jar of tomato sauce (ok, so it wasn't that expensive, but it was considerably more than the $1 I usually spend on the can of tomatoes I use to make my own sauce).

Bellies full and wallet (almost) empty, we finally made it to Chapters where we camped out at the last available mini-chair in the Kids' section.  The amazing sales staff help my son find the only two books left in the 9-12 year-old-section that he hasn't read and helped my daughter find the only World Record-type books she hasn't read.  When the two of them were content reading armloads of books and sipping their $5 lemonades, I grabbed armloads of my favorite genre, picture books and found a few new favorites, including Spork and Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator!  Happy with our selections, we headed to the cash, with a quick detour in the gardening section where the cutest compost bin was on sale.  How could I resist?
SporkHooray for Amanda & Her Alligator!
So picture it:  Me, making my way as quickly to the cash as possible while carrying a giant bag from The Gap, a Pusateri's shopping bag full of jars of tomato sauce, my books, Maya's books, and then, because he saw something really cool, Billy's books.  There was bound to be a casualty.  When I got to the cash, I looked and looked but had completely lost track of Billy's books.  I figured I dropped them somewhere.  I told Billy to go back to the shelf and pick up a new copy of each.  Which he did.  We paid (so I thought) and drove him in the fog with a contented quietness.

When we got home, the kids camped out in front of the TV while I carried our bags upstairs.  I dropped the bag, collapsed on the bed, and just before dozing off, glanced at the most horrific site I'd seen in a while: the two missing books tucked inside the Gap bag.

Crap.  I stole.  I think.  Did I?

So now I have to go back to the mall...again and shamefully return the two books to Chapter.  My only question is: what do I say?



  1. I'm laughing really hard right now! Do you know how many times I've done that?? I've also put things in my stroller hood and in my stroller basket and when I go to pay for the items some of them accidentally are hidden and get left there and I didn't notice until...I got home!

  2. Thanks for being so honest. I would like you to have the books, on me, for being so honest. I hope your son enjoys them and please come by and let us know what he thinks.

    Peter Skanes
    General Manager
    Chapters Bayview Village