Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year's revelations, not resolutions

I hate New Year's resolutions.  They are ultimately broken and leave you feeling even crappier and guiltier than before.  And if you do keep it for the year, then what?  Do the New Years' resolutions people give you an award?  Not that I call recall in that torturous year I survived the resolution of no deep fried foods or  ice cream.  And where did that loooooong year get me?  No where.  I love fried foods and ice cream even more than before.

So this year, instead of a resolution, I have had a revelation:  I am going to try and embrace a whole bunch of anti-resolutions (in other words, lay off myself.  I'm not doing too badly and my anti-resolutions are reminders to keep on keepin' on....that I don't have to change because these are the things I am already doing):

1. I will eat, read, drink, watch, and do what I want to do (or not want to do), not what I should do or what I think other people think I should do.

2.  I will drink water because I am thirsty and because I get tired when I don't.

3.  I will run not because I have to train for anything but because I ALWAYS feel better after a run

4.  I will try to make every day count for something...even if that something is eating cinnamon-sugar pita crisps in bed while watching an entire season of Real Housewives of ________, Weeds, Jersey Shore, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, etc... or reading magazines and Nicholas Sparks books or trying on all my fancy clothes that I never wear (but should).

5.  I will continue to confront my fear of confrontation.  This includes admitting when I am wrong, cleaning out my in-box, and making phone calls and plans when I really don't feel like it.

6.  I will make the people around me feel loved and appreciated by me.

7.  I will make myself as happy as possible without interfering with the happiness of others.

8.  I will do less (but better) rather than always trying to do more.

9.  I will (try) not to chemically straighten my hair.  Maybe my curly hair isn't as bad as I think.

10.  When I break one or all of these anti-resolutions, I will try not to be too hard on myself.  I'm just me, after all.


  1. Cayla...love this. HNY to you and all in your family. xox

  2. Well said, well written, to the point! but...i still see it like "resolutions" rather than "revelations" . Tks for sharing those reso/reve with us! Have a great year Cayla!! :-)

  3. Love number 3. So true, I've never once regretted a run.