Friday, December 24, 2010

What's meant to be...

The Wineglass Marathon:  who wouldn't want to run in this setting?

Besides it sucked, the theme of 2010 was B-sheret, Hebrew for meant to be, or fated.  This phrase has been consciously how I have tried my life for the last 11 years, beginning with the night my son was born (not something I want to get into right now but I will sum it up in three steps: 1. fast labour 2. code pink 3. emergency c-section) and since then, I see the "signs" everywhere.  What signs?  Let me explain:

When G-d created human, what separated us from the rest of the animals was our ability to exercise free will.  And while we do have the power to make our own decisions, I truly believe that G-d gives us signs that help us make the right choices, help dissuade us from making the wrong choices, and then let us know if we've made the right or wrong choice.  These signs range from big things, like lightening storms forcing me to get off a plane when my sister was in labour (another story for another day) to being charged too little at Target and bringing it to their attention and then getting something else for free as a result. 

Never in my life had b'sheret been more present than in the past year.  But as I reflect on my life, I can see that it has been with me the whole time, beginning with the night I met my husband to getting my first job as a teacher. That is how I know that even when time get rough and life is hard, looking for these signs and trusting my instincts will help me navigate my way to smoother waters (ok, try not to puke after reading that but its true!). 

Two tattoos for two marathons.
So after that major introduction, let me explain one such instance of the past year:  The Wineglass Marathon.  After the most incredible experience ever with the New York Marathon, I decided to run one more to make my tattoos an even three (besides New York, I ran Toronto).  I chose The Wineglass because it was the exact opposite of New York.  Not only is it a small marathon, it prides itself on being a small marathon; it's run in the fall in upstate New York on country roads between two small towns.  How gorgeous does that sound?

I began training for my run but halfway through my season, I was getting the feeling that my heart just wasn't into it.  It all came to a head when we were invited to a cottage party and I thought,  "if I go to this party and indulge in steak and red wine and stay up late-late, there is no way I would be able to do my l4 mile run the next morning".  So right then and there, I decided that I would rather drink too much red wine and eat too much steak and stay up way too late.  And I did.  And the next morning, I started training for the half-marathon instead of the full.

That fall I ran the Toronto half and it was AMAZING!  As noted earlier, I had one of my best runs ever and decided that I would much rather finish a half feeling amazing vs. dragging myself over the finish line of a whole (and sacrificing my and my family's life for months in the process).  My only regret was that I would never get to do that Winglass run because it sounded awesome.  Then last week, I got this email:

For the 30th Anniversary of the Wineglass Marathon, we will be replacing the Team Relay with a new Half        Marathon event!  This should provide even more opportunity for runners and promises to be an exciting addition to the Wineglass...

See?!?  B'sheret!  I made the right choice in deciding not to do marathons anymore and stick to halfs and this was my proof!

The moral of the story:  believe in fate, believe in what's meant to be, and look for the signs because they are there.  Look especially inside your own heart and soul.  You know the right thing to do and b'sheret just helps confirm it. 

If you wish to share a story, please do.  Help spread the word!

PS.  If you speak to me before Oct 2, ask me how my half-marathon training is going ;-)

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