Sunday, November 28, 2010

When life gives you leftovers, make...

So I had these leftover lamb chops from Friday night and as I often do, I wanted to make a meal out of the leftovers in my fridge.  But after frying my brain installing a new colour printer/copier/scanner into our home wireless network, I just couldn't  think of what to do with that lamb.  I typed "leftover lamb chops" into my handy-dandy favourite foodie site, chowhound, a lo-and-behold, what should come up but...wait for it....

Souvlaki!  As soon as I read it, I gave myself a little duh! boink on the head like you probably just did.  How did I not think of that myself?  Oh yeah, fried brain.

So once again, I searched my pantry and found that I had all the fixin's for the best lamb souvlaki ever.  If you don't have what I had on hand, be creative!  Buy yourself The Flavour Thesaurus for a holiday present (was that p.c. enough for you?) and invent your own awesome souvlaki (along with many other awesome original food combos).  There are only 3 things all souvlakis have to have, a protein, pita, and tzatziki, the rest is up to you...

First I made the tzatziki from The Clueless Vegetarian cookbook (one of my faves) using yogurt cheese (low fat plain yogurt that I had drained overnight in my fridge.  I almost always have it on hand; it is so versatile.  I could go on and on but I don't want to take your attention away from the star of tonight's show, souvlaki.  If you want to know more about this yogurt, email me) but you could use any recipe you find.

While this was going on, I cut all the lamb off the bones and combined it with some rotisserie chicken I also had leftover.  I combined them and wrapped them in tin foil and reheated at 350 in the oven for about 10 min.

I then chopped up a bit of tomato and reheated the leftover roasted potatoes we originally had with the lamb.

Then, I was ready to assemble; pay attention as I take sandwich assembly quite seriously (as is obvious from how specific I was with my "healthy" bacon and egg sandwich):
1.  Spread the tzatziki on the pita
2. Sprinkle on coleslaw mix (I could've used lettuce here but the coleslaw stays crunchy and even gets a little sweet when its warm vs. lettuce that just gets warm and soggy. Yuck)
3.  Sprinkle some tomatoes on
4.  Add some potatoes (I know unconventional but I just felt like being wild tonight)
5.  Top with the meat.
6. Admire, fold up, and enjoy!

How mouthwatering does this look?  My daughter said it was a dinner that fell apart but she didn't care because it was yummy and she was finally allowed to eat something messy with her hands.

And now I am stuffed and ready to sit back, relax, and promise myself that I will run tomorrow....it is supposed to be another beeeeutiful sunny day!

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