Sunday, November 7, 2010

The student is surpassing the master

So this morning, the boy asked me to make him breakfast.  Well, after a night of gross out pranks I watched in Jackass 3D, buttered popcorn (layered of course) and various other movie confectionary treats, I did not feel like even looking at food this morning.  I informed the boy that now that he is 11, he can take care of Sunday morning breakfast himself.  I wasn't expecting much but boy, did he rise to the occasion; he looked through the cookbooks and made himself the waffle sandwich from the Camp Rock cookbook.  This book may not be gourmet fare, but it has recipes that appeal to kids and can be almost fully made by kids with minimal help from parents...something that most kids' cookbooks cannot promise.  I tried to link the cookbook to Amazon or another such cite, but it is no longer in print.  In fact, we purchased the book over a year ago from the bargain book section of Indigo books.

Speaking of books I can no longer find...

In school, I am reading my class the picture book No Ordinary Olive.  I am reading to them as an introduction to how author's use character traits to get their message through to the reader.  This book is a great example of that as it describes a girl who is brought up to be proud of her individuality but when she gets to school, is told she must conform.  While many people think that kids in middle school are too old for picture books, I disagree.  And this book is a perfect example of why.  It highlights the struggle that many kids at that age experience: trying to be an individual and maintaining your sense of self while still fitting in with those around you.  Unfortunately, this book is no longer in print and used copies are selling for $100+.  So moral of the story is, if you come across this book in your travels, snatch it up!  If not for you, then for me.


Oh yeah, before I go, I just wanted to let you know that I ran yesterday for the first time since the half two weeks ago.  It felt great!  And this week it is supposed to hover about 10 degrees above zero so if all goes well, I am good to go!

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