Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Opening the doors to new ways of thinking

So in comparison to my past posts, none of what I am going to talk about today corresponds with the rest of my blog.  But since I am officially finished with my training for the season and I generally try to mix-it-up (exercise-wise, anyways) when I am not running, I thought maybe it is time to mix other things up as well.  I went to this yoga class last night (more details to come) and the woman said that, "you have to make room for change in your life." and so I am.  By change, I don't mean anything major, just maybe not being as hard on myself when my reading for the day doesn't include a book (that is so old-school...literally) or perhaps I will cook something like this:

The Thanksgiving Turkey Cake:  A whole meal in one slice.

I came across this recipe while perusing one of my favourite websites, Chowhound.  Now, no is more into the one-dish-in-all  meal than I am...if you look back at some of my earlier posts, I am sure you will agree. But this meal may be even too much for me.  For one, if you look at the recipe, it seems impossible for the meat and potatoes to stay warm (and may I add, sanitary) through the construction and "decorating" component.  And nothing is grosser (in my opinion) than cold mashed potatoes.  But...since I am trying to expand my thinking, I may have to try this one day.  Perhaps you can try it first and let me know how it goes?

Back to the yoga class.  It was great.  The woman who teaches it is great.  She speaks with a Fargo/Martimes-type accent and is named Marjean.  And she looks like a Marjean.  And uses all these Fargo/Maritimes Marjean-like phrases such as, "suck in your Canadian Tire."  I presume this means my stomach.  However, at the same time, she is super-spiritual and sees Yoga as more of an exercise to become stronger from the inside out, both body and soul, rather than the trendy thinking that "Yoga has really changed the way my body looks."  I joined this class for two reasons:  it coincides with when the boy has tennis so I am at our club, Mayfair, anyways and second, I was looking for a new way to relax and relieve stress when I am just too tired or too full (or too tired and full) to run.  Something where I am not worrying that I am not running fast enough, or worrying that my Ipod is going to run out of batteries, or worrying about why my Blackberry is buzzing, or the tests I have to mark, or bristol board I have to buy for a grade 6 science project, or if my 8-year-old daughter brought back all of my nail polish and makeup that she "liberated" from my room for a sleepover party, or about a million other things I worry about.  So this is where it gets weird:  this class, this first yoga class I have ever attended, was all about the liver: what our liver looks like, what it's function is, how it works, and how we can be good to our liver.  And all of the poses were directed towards the good health of the liver.  But why is that so weird?  Well, besides the fact that an upscale tennis club in North Toronto is offering spiritual yoga classes that focus on major organs, my dad was diagnosed with liver cancer exactly two weeks earlier and was given a grim prognosis.  And for the last two weeks, that's all I could think about.  When I lay down in that darkened room last night, hoping to escape all that for an hour, and then Marjean announced that tonight all we would think about is the liver, it was all I could do to stop myself from crying.  But, then, as she instructed, I started to breath in and out, in and out...

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  1. its not a coincidence....it was meant to be that she chose to talk to u about the liver......I totally beieve that things like this happen for a reason...u were meant to go to that yoga class for that reason.