Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Huh. So they were right after all...

So after quite a day (I am not going to say a bad day because it wasn't; there was a lot of good that came out of a few bad situations I had to deal with today) I had a couple of decisions to make:  I could either act like a girl (I can say that because I am a girl) and wallow in my mental and physical fatigue and veg. mindlessly in front of the T.V. with the remainder of my kids' Halloween candy keeping me company or take the road less travelled and actually try to make exercise and diet work to my advantage, as they say we should.  I chose the latter.  Let's see how this experiment turned out...

I started by not ingesting the delicious stuffed rice balls that we had for dinner.  Ok...so I had 1/2 of one.  They are just SO DELICIOUS and highly recommend you make them.   I didn't eat one so that I would be able to run after dinner.  And run I did.  Ok, so it was on the treadmill, but it was a solid 30 minutes of soul-cleansing, body-energizing, mind-clearning running.  So, yes, when you really need it, but feel like   it the least, run.  Or at least do SOMETHING (and by something, I mean anything) that will get your heart racing and your body sweating.  I promise you will be a heck of a lot less stressed when you are done.

Ok.  So now that I was much less stressed and feeling pretty good, I also realized that I was feeling pretty hungry (remember?  I didn't eat dinner).  But I didn't want to crush my endorphins with something greasy and fatty so instead I thought about what would be healthy, tasty and comforting all at the same time.  But the same time, I remembered how happy bacon makes me.  And so I came up with this:

The its past dinnertime but you are really hungry but don't want to go to sleep feeling all bloated and crappy Sandwich. 
I took off the top piece of bread to get this gorgeous shot.  I then quickly put it back and took the first delicious bite.  And then I learned the hard way why you should NOT eat an over-easy egg while getting all cozy in bed.

This sandwich may sound unhealthy but if you think about each of the individual components, it really isn't that bad; it's high in protein and has something green.  And aren't they saying this week that a little sea salt is good for you?

2 slices of toasted enriched white bread (you can use a more interesting bread here but I chose to keep it simple...actually that's a lie; it is the only kind of bread I have in my house right now.  I would have preferred sourdough)

2 slices of crisp turkey bacon

1 egg, fried in 1 tbsp of butter (I know this sounds bad but you will leave most of the fat behind while the egg still picks up the yummy flavour of the butter)

1 good squirt of light (or not) mayo (you could also use butter or mustard or whatever else you want but you will want something moist that will help the greens stick to the bread)

1 good handful of baby greens (I used arugula and spinach)

a healthy pinch of sea salt

Assemble in the following order and eat:

Bread, mayo, greens, bacon, egg, salt bread

If you need further instruction on how to toast bread, fry an egg or make crisp bacon, we need to talk privately.  Contact me and we can discuss...

So now I sit.  I am relaxed and content and yet still energized enough to read a bit more of my wonderful book.  I guess the experts are right; exercise and food do matter.  And so it turns out that I don't know everything.  Imagine that.

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  1. I know exactly where you're at, and have been choosing the first option. I think I'll take your example, and take the better road from here on in.