Saturday, November 6, 2010

19 day and one year later...

So tomorrow is the New York City Marathon...one year after I ran it.  It was one of the greatest experiences of my whole life.  And one that almost killed my career as a runner.  I don't really feel like rehashing the whole story of my injured knee.  It is boring to hear and not the part of the experience I wish to remember.  What I do want to remember is everything else.  The feeling the city had on the weekend of the Marathon, for example.  I've been to New York lots of times but this time it was different.  It was like the whole city was supporting me...I mean I know that there were tens of thousands of others runners around (and more than half were faster than me) but everywhere I went, everyone-from the waiters in the restaurants to the woman at the boutique to the baker who sold me the delicious mini cupcakes out of a takeout window on the side of a bulding in Soho (I can eat what I want because I run.  So ha!)-was so supportive and excited for me, so happy that I chose to come to their city to run that they made me feel like Meb (in case you didn't know, that is who won last year's NYC marathon). And on the day of the run, even it was even more mind-blowing: the kids handing out Kool-Aid, the man handing out kosher licorice, the roar of the crowd as I rounded the corner and descended off the Brooklyn Bridge onto 1st Avenue, and the hundreds of people calling my name all along the 26.2 miles.  Including my mom who met me at mile 19 with a power bar and a hug.  However, I think the person I would like to recognize the most for supporting my run is the customs officer at Pearson International Airport upon my return.  I shopped a lot in New York.  And by a lot, I mean A LOT.  But when the officer saw me limp up to his counter a day after the run, wearing my marathon shirt, he put two-and-two together and just let me through.  The perfect end to a perfect weekend. Almost.  As noted earlier, I pushed myself a little too hard and was off running for a few months.

But now I'm back.  I ran the 1/2 in Toronto and had a damn good run.  I think that in straight run time, it was a PB but I had to pee so badly and hate port-a-pottys so I stopped into a McDs to pee.  Although I did cut in line in front of a whole bunch of people and used the men's, I still think that I wasted at least 2 minutes...which meant that my official run time was just not fast enough to be my PB. Oh well.

I have also been cooking a lot.  Attached to this posting is a link to my Tastebook page; an-online cookbook of recipes I call my own. Some of them are variations of recipes I have read but personally, I feel my interpretation is better.  Try one (or more) out and let me know what you think.

As for reading, I have read a lot.  Too many to remember, let alone describe here.  But two of my favourites have been Room, by Emma Donaghue, and One Day by David Nicholls.  Don't ask what they are about; just read them.  Currently, I am reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.  It has gotten so many great reviews and my local bookstore that I love, Type Books, is featuring it as their monthly book club discussion book, so I decided to take it on.  All 576 pages of it.  It is pretty good so far but I just read a horrible review by Leah McLaren of it today so now I am feeling that with only 40 pages down and over 530 to go, I have a long road a head of me.  I hope it is good because McLaren stated that she wishes she could have back the hours she spent reading it and I don't have that many hours to spare.  In fact, even though I am only working 1/2 time this year, I have no hours to spare.  But I'll save that story for another day...

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