Saturday, September 26, 2009

Into the 30's


This was a terrible running week. I ran 4 times but each was only marginally better than the one before it. I am attributing these short, crappy runs to the fact that I was over-tired, over-worked and severely dehydrated all week.

And I didn't cook once.

It was one of those weeks that even though I did everything, because it is everything I don't normally do, I feel like I got nothing done.

Why is it that the busier and fuller life gets, you sometimes feel emptier? I think it is because I am moving so fast and doing so much, from Terry Fox days to field trips to Maya's dance class to Billy's curriculum night to planning Maya's birthday party and more and more and more on top of the regular 8 hours of work and stuff, I'm not bothering to stop and think about why I am doing all this stuff. What makes me happy? What makes the people I love and care about happy? Am I making them happy enough?

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