Tuesday, September 1, 2009

63 Days to NYC

So maybe doing a long run less than 12 hours after returning from the world's most exhausting road trip was not the smartest thing to do but it had to be done. Have to get strict with the schedule, especially since I only have a week or so left until school starts. Sigh...

But back to the run: 12 miles of pure torture, for so many reasons. The day started off with so much promise: I woke up ready to run, the weather was perfect (cool, overcast, and drizzly), and I mapped my route out perfectly over my morning coffee an hour before my run. Unfortunately, I made decaf by mistake, so by the time I was about an hour into the run, I was feeling super-tired and headachy (side effect from caffeine withdrawl) and was like, "what the heck is going on here? I knew I ate badly on the trip & was tired from all that driving, but really? Is this necessary?" Keep in mind that at this point, I still had not figured out the caffeine/decaf snafoo. And then, just when I though things could not get worse, I started feeling the effects of a poor clothing choice that morning. I will not go into details, but I was very uncomfortable. Those of you that are runners may understand what I am saying.

So anyways, I ended up taking a detour to purchase a shot of 5 Hour Energy & some bandaids. The 5 Hour Energy worked; the bandaids did not. But, like a trooper, I finished the run. As much as I hate runs like today, being able to finish the run successfully is almost more fullfilling than a regular run because I know that even when I was feeling like crap, I perservered and did it. Yea me.

Even though it may not seem like it when I tell you what I made for dinner, I really am back on track in terms of healthy choices. Although it sounds insane to me, my kids were still thinking about fast food & requested Wendy's chili for dinner. Yeah right...Well, okay. Now don't freak out just yet, I made my own chili, based on the following recipe:


The only changes I made were to cut it in half (makes more than enough for the 2 kids & 2 adults for dinner), use extra-lean ground beef (use any ground meat you want), cut out the chilis (for the kids' sake; I add my own hot sauce to my own portion), and replace the beans with lentils (they are so tiny that they blend in with the meat and the kids eat them).

Serve with plain yogurt cheese (see earlier posts for how to make this) and baked tortilla chips.

Finally found a book I am loving: The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman. Amazing. If you like Fall on Your Knees by Anne Marie MacDonald, you will love this. It is about the relationship between these three sisters when one of them goes atray. Can't put it down. In fact, as I write this now, I am getting excited to read it again. See ya...

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