Wednesday, September 2, 2009

62 Days to NYC

Rest day for running and my cross-training consisted of setting up my room for the star of the school year. Does pushing 30 desks around the room & carrying armload after armload of textbooks count as cross-training?

Did the shopping & was all psyched out to make a new chicken & bread salad recipe but then Len said he was working late & Maya had a picky eater friend over so I chose to just order pizza instead. When in doubt... I tried an experiment with the pizza, though, and it worked out great! I ordered it thin crust & less cheese so it would be healthier & the kids didn't say a word.

Reading The Story Girls. It is so great. I love when I get into books like this and I just want to shake the characters and say, "What are you doing?!" I think I am going to have to read more Alice Hoffman books after this. Any suggestions?

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