Wednesday, September 2, 2009

61 Days to NYC

Probably one of my last morning runs with Roz this summer as I go back to work in a week. Sigh. It has been great running with her and talking with her. I think that the runs and talks have been great for both of us as we did not seem to have as much to say. And based on what we talked about in earlier runs, that is a good thing. Or else it could have just been that both of us were really tired. We were getting a lot of red lights and I told her my theory about G-d being my running coach: how I seems to get red lights when I really need them and get green lights when I am having a great day or really need to have my butt kicked. She didn't think I was crazy and even sort of agreed with me. A true friend.

Ate dinner at my Mom's house. Again, the last Tuesday evening there for the summer. Almost every week we had been going for a tennis lesson and then dinner with my Mom and sisters and then the kids would have a quick swim before heading home to bed. But tonight the air was too cool to go swimming after dinner. And there were not quite as many bees hovering as the kids ate their ice cream cones. Summer is definitely coming to an end.

Am reading The Story Girls obsessively. I do not remember the last time I read a book of such substance so quickly; not since Fall on Your Knees or Book of Negroes, two of my favorite books. I think this is another favorite I can add to the list. This book is heartbreaking and beautiful and I love all of the characters, even the badly flawed ones. Especially the flawed ones.

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