Friday, September 4, 2009

60 Days to NYC

A great 10k with Billy riding along side me again. But good does not mean fast. We stopped halfway because one of us was thirsty and one of us needed a bathroom break. We stopped at my brother in-law's house and what should have been a 2 minute stop ended up being almost 15 minutes after Billy got to playing with his baby cousin, Lilly. Once again, I was amazed at how smart Billy is; when we were going uphill, he was complaining that it was too hard. I said that how was it that I was able to run uphill but that he could not bike up hill. He pointed out that while I only have to carry the weight of me uphill, he had to carry the weight of him and his bike uphill. Smart boy.

While surfing one of my favorite websites last week, I came across a recipe for Zuni's Cafe chicken; it was posted numerous times under the heading "what recipe have you made more than three times" and raved about each time. I have been trying to make it for 3 days and had already purchased the ingredients but something has always come up whether it is a picky-eater friend or dinner at Mommy's. So even though tonight was looking like another one of those nights, Len was working late & by the time Billy and I got back from running it was 6pm, I made it anyways as I wanted my fresh ingredients to stay fresh. And it was worth it. Even though we ate closer to 7:30 and this was not the most straighforward recipe I have ever made, it certainly was delicious. I knew it was good when Billy exclaimed, "Man! This is a good dinner," with his mouth full of chicken and bread salad (including the greens which he has picked out in the past).

Here is the recipe: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4401342

Sat up all night obsessively reading The Story Sisters. I am ashamed to say it but I even neglected to monitor what my kids were watching on TV and they ended up watching inappropriate shows past their bedtime. Oops! Anyways, finished it. Had to. Everytime I put it down, I felt compelled to run back and see how it turned out. Alice Hoffman is an amazing writer. Not only was it an original and unpredictable story, it also has the most beautiful language and is constructed in a way that you are always wanting more. Yet at the same time, the ending is so satisfying that I felt it ended at just the exact right moment. I am sort of glad that Len was not around to witness me finishing this book as I was definitely crying for the last 50 pages or so.

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