Friday, September 4, 2009

59 Days to NYC

Well, I planned on a nice long run today but helping Maya deliver her birthday invitations was more important. In the long run, this one shortened run won't make or break my marathon, but brushing off Maya would break her heart. I am sure you would've done the same.

I still did run, though. A quick two miles. I decided that I need to work on my speedwork for short runs since cross-country starts up at school in a couple weeks and even though I could run for hours around those kids, I can't seem to ever outrun the most of the team during our 3 km runs. I usually end up using "encouraging the slower runners" as an excuse as to why I am near the back of the pack. Shameful.

Back to Copacabana for Grandpa Treats's birthday. Have a new favorite meat: pineapple-glazed prime rib. So good. So full. But so worth it.

So I won this contest on Cineplex.com for the Julie and Julia movie. It was asking what you guilty pleasure was in terms of food. I described not only what I get at the movies, popcorn with butter (layered) and chocolate raisins, but also how I eat it: I put one chocolate raisin in my mouth, suck on it until the chocolate melts a little and only then do I pop a couple pieces of popcorn in my mouth. Mmmmm... the perfect combination of salty & sweet. Its a girl thing.
Anyways, the prize in this contest was two books: the book the movie is based on and Julia Childs's book. So I started reading those. Not fine literature, but entertaining.

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