Sunday, September 6, 2009

57 Days to NYC

A fast 3 miles this morning. Planned on doing hills but changed my mind when I was parched less than a mile in and the only way I can get water on my planned hills run was to stick my face in the polluted Don River at the base of the hill. Not gonna happen. I re-calculated my internal GPS and ended up doing VERY minor hills up and down Ave. Rd., where the water flows like manna from heaven. Did you know you can buy a water at Bruno's, have a few sips, and then they will keep it behind the counter for you for when you finish you run? Neither did I!

Last hot dog barbecue of the season. It was everything summer should be: the kids munching away, sitting at the edge of the pool with the feet in the water (the only way they can eat outside without the horrific bee season affecting them). I was also pleasantly surprised that they ate almost all the veggies I put on their plate and barely touched to nacho chips I added (perhaps it was because I gave them "healthy" multigrain flax seed chips?)

Went to Delux for dinner. It is a semi-new French-Cuban restaurant on Ossington. Great food. Very fresh and clean, the way I like it. And by clean, I do not mean sanitary (although that too is an important plus for me when choosing where I dine), I mean not overly frou-frou food of gastronomic proportions. Just food. Like a beautifully roasted chicken alongside a simple salad of freshly-shucked corn, arugula, and a lemony olive oil dressing. Dessert was warm, freshly baked-to-order chocolate chip cookies. Please go to Delux so this restaurant will stay open.

Reading the Julie/Julia book is like running really fast downhill: for a while you think you are in a great super-fast rhythm and then something happens, like a really confusing flash-back (and sometimes an even more confusing flash-forward) scene and you trip over your feet and almost fall down and then have to work at it to get back into the rhythm. I am really liking the parts of the book that are simple & straightforward; it is like hearing a story from a friend. But sometimes I feel like Julie is trying to hard to be cool (when she swears a lot) or trying to hard to be a "writer" (when she does the flash back/forward thing). I can see why her story was so interesting when it first came out and why the subject matter makes an interesting movie but I also think she was lucky enough to write her blog right at the start of the blogging boom. I wonder if her story would have garnered so much attention if it was written today. At the same time, I wonder how many equally interesting stories (like mine..ha ha) are going unnoticed because the blog "market" is flooded.

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