Tuesday, September 8, 2009

55 Days to NYC

Almost 14 miles. I am now officially able to consistently run more than the 1/2 marathon. And it felt great. At no time was I too tired, too sore, too thirsty. Kept up the run 3 songs, walk 1 minute the whole time. Of course, I was being smart (cautious) about it by drinking tons and not being afraid to stop for pee breaks (3) and more liquids.

Planned on a whole healthy back-to-school dinner, full of protein and "brain food", but when that time of day rolled around, I was wayyyy to tired to cook so I ordered in Chinese food instead. Still made sure the kids ate their broccoli, though.

Started one last book, aptly named The Beach House, to usher summer out. I chose this book because it would at least leave me feeling like summer was still summer...

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