Wednesday, September 16, 2009

48 Days to NYC

Rest day. And I needed it. My quads were killing from the day before. But in a good, "i had an awesome workout yesterday"way. Even if I wanted to run, I couldn't; there was not one extra second in the day. It was may baby's 7th birthday and for 24 hours, it was all about her.

Like I said, it was all about Maya so she got to pick where we went for dinner. I vetoed her first choice, Rainforest Cafe. Now, it is not often that I would do that, heck, I'll go to McD's or KFC and Spaghetti Factory without even having to say pretty please, but R.C. is just soo gross and sooo loud and sooo over-priced and gimmicky that I just couldn't do it. So we went to her next choice, United Dairy baker. Who would have thought that a super-old-school vegetarian restaurant kosher-style restaurant would be a kid-friendly favorite, but it is. There is just something about their macaroni and cheese and pea soup that kids just can't resist. Or adults.

What is this word, "reading"?

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