Sunday, September 20, 2009

42 Days to NYC

Running? Are you kidding? Who has time? Just kidding. Actually, it was an official rest day but did I rest? No. Did I cook? No. Did I get to read? No.

So what did I do you may ask? I did everything: Got Maya's birthday party lootbag giftcards to Claires acessories (bless the woman behind me in line who patiently waited while the store clerk danced her way through validating 20 gift cards for $5 each), got Hallowe'en candy & Maya's costume on a SATURDAY AT COSTCO-not fun (hey, when the revelation that you want to be Tinkerbell hits you gotta go find the costume before they get sold out), got a car wash (curse the b-word who would not let me in when lining up for the car wash. It serves her right that her stretch pants were too tight and shiny and all the cellulite on her butt was properly shadowed for all of Avenue Rd to admire), got a spare copy of the novel study book Billy is reading in school so the "I forgot it at school" excuse doesn't fly anymore, and finally stopped for subs on the way home as I promised Maya we would. And then after a quick 2 minute rest, walked Charlotte to the park and then made it to my Mom's for the 2nd night of Rosh Hashana. I had a whole plan of attack in terms of eating as I had my long run planned for the next morning and needed to load up on carbs and not partake in the meatfest that is the norm at these dinners. I planned on excusing myself when the meat was being doled out and then return in time for the potatoes and such. Good plan except for that the person next to me (my sister Dina...remind me to tell you the story one day about how she made me try smoking when I was 7) knew I would be disappointed if the chicken cutlets, sweet and sour meatballs, and Auntie Rhonda's veal roast passed me by so she took the liberty of loading up my plate accordingly. Gee thanks. And she was sort of right...I couldn't resist. And then to top it all off, my other sister brought this chocolate Challah thing that put me over the edge. I was so full it actually was hard to breath. I am lucky that the meat coma did not hit me until I hit the bed. I was actually afraid to drive on the highway I was so worn out from all that food.

But the weird thing is, I woke up hungry.

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