Tuesday, September 29, 2009

33 Days to NYC

No running today...unless you count running around the city getting ready for the Break Fast meal at my house. It was Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement and while I did not go to shul to pray, I certainly did spend much of the day reflecting on the past year and thinking about how I want to approach the coming year, especially since Yon Kippur this year is on the eve of my birthday.

I do not feel like going into detail about my silent contemplations as it does not really fit the theme of this blog so instead I will go on to something that does fit: what I cooked for the Break Fast:

1. I "invented" a Waldorf Salad coleslaw that was amazing. Len always asks for it when we go to restaurants so I assumed he liked it but as it turns out, he really just likes asking about it because it reminds him of his favorite episode of Faulty Towers, the one where they are trying to prepare Waldorf Salad. But when I told him I was making it, I was informed he doesn't really even like it...or doesn't think he would like it since he has never tried it. And I don't blame him; I don't think that a salad of walnuts, grapes, and apples in a mayonnaise dressing sounds appetizing at all. But then I thought.... and came up with this:

Bobby Flay's creamy coleslaw:

I would make 1/2 the amount of the dressing, use one of the prepackaged coleslaw mixes (makes life MUCH easier) and add in one shredded green apple, 1 extra shredded carrot, and 1/2 cup toasted pecan pieces, and omit the salt from the recipe; there is enough salt from the celery salt. SO GOOD! Got rave reviews. Just the right amount of sweet to compliment the a dairy meal.

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