Tuesday, August 4, 2009

92 Days to NYC

About 4 miles. Well... almost 4 miles. I ended up running much later in the day than I would have like and was therefore not as energized as I usually am. I guess I have to get used to it, though, because when school starts, I am going to have to run in the afternoons.

Made mine & Sari's favorite bean salad, except instead of sticking to the original, I changed the black beans to lentils. I shouldn't have. I felt I had no choice, though; I had leftover lentils in the fridge that I had to use. Have to say, one positive thing that has emerged from the garbage strike (besides the fact that I learned to use the google news alert for my blackberry) is that I am much more aware of the amount of garbage I produce and am learning to eat & shop a lot more wisely.

As predicted, read the shoe-a-holic chicklit book (or whatever it is called) is about 24 hours. It was nothing that I would want to (or be able to) discuss at a book club, but it was entertaining and light and the perfect thing for a warm summer weekend. And the best thing about reading and finishing a chicklit book before you go to sleep: you can sleep after you out it down as it doesn't leave you thinking that much.

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