Saturday, August 8, 2009

89 Days to NYC

Made up for my shorter run the day before by running just about 6 miles instead of the scheduled 5. Great run. Stinky run. It was the first garbage collection day for my running route since the strike began and it was vile. I know I am supposed to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth but there was no way in HELL!!! I now have a much deeper respect for those people who had to live near a garbage dump during the strike.

Billy and Maya had a sleepover at camp so I used this opportunity, as always, to make something they would never eat. I also wanted to cook something special for Len to show him healthy can be delicious. I settled on the Seared Mahi Mahi with Green Gazpacho Sauce from the Sept issue of Bon Appetite. I used Tilapia, in place of the Mahi Mahi and made it on the grill, but those were the only substitutions. Len thought it was delicious; he said that it looked and tasted better than anything in a restaurant.


Am loving A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I am reading it slowly because it deserves to be savoured. My favorite quote so far is when Francie talks about how she pours her coffee down the sink each day. When her sister protests, her mom says:
I think it's good that people like us can waste something once in a while and get the feeling of how it would be to have lots of money and not have to worry about scrounging.

I am always amazed at how writers come up with this stuff.

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