Sunday, August 16, 2009

77 Day to NYC

One of my favorite runs of the season so far. Only 3 miles but I did it with my son, Billy, "spotting me" on his bicycle. We had a great talk the whole time and it made the run seem effortless and short. I always somehow manage to get them an extra medal from whatever race I have just run so that they feel like they are included (running takes so much time away from them, especially in the weeks leading up to a race) in my endeavor, but running with Billy today was greater than that because he really was included in my training.

Ended up having a steak dinner at the Keg a la Billy's suggestion. Proclaimed he prefer the $10 Kids' meal steak there to the $40 steak from House of Chan. When asked why, he explained that at the Keg, you also get veggies and dip, a drink, and ice cream with your meal. Hear that, Mr. Chan?

Ummm... I was supposed to read today? Do the TV listings at 2am count? Just couldn't sleep...

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