Wednesday, August 19, 2009

74 Days to NYC

Just about 6 miles. I did not bring water with me because the heavens promised to provide but alas, there was nothing but blue skies and extreme humidity. But G-d heard my prayers and I made almost every red light and thus a minor break at each intersection. That's not cheating, is it? When I finally got to Starbucks, I was excited that I had my best 6 miles to date: 52 minutes (I pause the timer on my workout when I "break" at the red lights... is that cheating?) Yea me!

Let Janeth do the cooking today as I was getting a haircut. It looks good, thanks for asking. Anyways, at Jimmy, the hairdresser's place, I saw he too was plagued by the fruit fly infestation that has gripped our city. At first, I thought it was just my house and felt very dirty but after doing my internet research, I found out that (a) they are everywhere (b) how to get rid of them. Here is the recipe:

Fruit soup (not to drink but to rid your place of fruit flies)

Pour about 1 inch of fruit juice in a bowl (I found pineapple juice works best for some strange reason)
Add one peeled banana.
Cover tightly with plastic wrap
Poke 3-4 tiny holes (like with the point of a pen)

Within 24 hours, that thing should be buzzing. So gross but so fascinating! It is like a science experiment on your kitchen counter.

Back up to reading the paper, at least. My burn out is just about over. Read the NY Times & Globe. It is so weird how most of the Canadian articles seems to have more of a humanitarian theme and the American articles are way more focused on money. Or maybe that is not weird or unexpected at all. Guess the stereotypes are true!

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