Thursday, August 20, 2009

73 Days to NYC

The good news: a great uphill run.
The bad news: Didn't make the distance I planned as Stacey picked me up 1 km short of my 4 miles distance goal. Not really bad news, though, we did have a lovely coffee date. Well, she had the coffee, me the smoothie.

My cooking dry spell continues. Its not that I am not interested in cooking, its just that circumstances did not really permit. I went up north for the annual girls trip with my sister and our daughters. We had a wonderful dinner at The Bridge restaurant in Thornbury. Amazing food, prices, service, and best of all, setting. The staff were more than accommodating as our girls plowed through ribs, burgers, bruschetta, pasta, chicken fingers, fries, and Caesar salad before plowing through a bush of burrs that ended up on their clothes, their teddy bears, and worst of all, Maya's hair. All in all, a recipe for fun tonight.

I promise I brought up a new book to read with every intention of staying up late to read it along with a nice glass of wine after Maya fell asleep. But Maya forgot her blankie at home so I had to lie with her until she fell asleep. Guess who else fell asleep...

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