Saturday, August 22, 2009

71 Days to NYC

A wonderful run down to High Park. Unfortunately, I miscalculated my route a little and instead of doing the 11 miles I had planned, only did a bit over ten. Boo Hoo. The good news is that I was feeling so great at the end of those 10+ miles that I totally could have kept on going so there is no doubt that I could have breezed through the 11 miles. The other good news is my time is still great. Even with the bathroom/ice down the sports bra break at Starbucks in Yorkville, I am still averaging (just) less than 10 minute/mile. If I can keep this up as my long runs continue to get longer, I should have no problem reaching my goal time for NYC, which is less than 5 hours. I know that must seem painfully slow considering the WR times are in the less than 2 1/2 hour range, but for me, that would be terrific, considering last year I was about 5.06. Shedding almost 10 minutes off my time would be amazing, don't you think?

Why am I not getting the chance to cook anymore? The neighbors came over for dinner tonight and with them brought pizza and mini cupcakes. The good thing about someone else buying the pizza is that you get to try out topping combinations you may have never considered, such as the tomato, red pepper, and goat cheese combo I had last night.

Moral of the story: After addressing your absolute dislikes and allergies, let someone else make the pizza topping choice and you will find yourself pleasantly surprised. Or at the very least, you will find out what else you don't like. Either way, a learning experience with pizza.

Another new combination I learned about via the pizza dinner was red wine and pizza. When choosing a wine to go with pizza, it is best to choose an Italian red. This is because Italians make their red wine knowing that they will be probably be consumed with tomato sauce, thus the acidity in the red wine is adjusted to balance that of the tomato sauce.

Moral of the story: The LCBO at Ave & Deloraine rocks (except for the crappy parking). They know their stuff and are always around and willing to help with a smile. Do not invest in a wine course, just go their, ask their advice, and then look super-cool and knowledgeable at dinner parties.

My last pool party Friday so Daniella and I spent the afternoon reading trashy magazines. Was particularly interested in the Holts fall catalogue. I actually started ear-marking pages as if I could afford the $2000 tank tops they are peddling.

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