Sunday, August 23, 2009

70 Days to NYC

Once again, a great 5k with Billy. Talking to him while he rides his bike next to me makes running effortless. And he has this innocence about him that makes life seem so simple. Like for example, we were discussing the farthest I have run so far and I said that I had gone just over 10 miles but that I could have kept on going. And then he said, "why didn't you keep on going? Why don't you just run as far as you can each time and see how far you get. Maybe you will go longer than the marathon." When he says it, it seems so simple.

Made a really yummy salad for lunch. Or rather, supervised as Billy and Maya made a yummy salad for lunch. Once again, this meal proves that when kids have control over what they are eating, they will eat healthy. While me made this salad, they taste-tested along the way and okayed everything that went onto this salad. I can't tell you what to put on your yummy salad for lunch, but on ours, we had grilled mushrooms, grilled green beans, hearts of palm, cauliflower, cucumber, tomatoes, grilled chicken, and boiled eggs. In the middle was a big dollop of cajun chipotle dip. All of these toppings were piled on top of romaine lettuce and, of course, the butter lettuce from our garden.

Really took my time through this month's Vogue and In Style. I am now officially ready to go back to books.

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