Tuesday, August 25, 2009

69 Days to NYC

Rest day. Actually, cross-training day. Does walking Charlotte the dog to Starbucks for 3k count as cross-training? I am now even more obsessed with Starbucks now that I know that their coffee has at least 3 times more caffeine when compared to home-brew, Timmy's, and even Red-Bull! And according to all the running magazines, having caffeine before and during a run will improve performance.

Didn't cook at all but when to an amazing new restaurant in T.O. Not Canoe or Scaramouche amazing, but really yummy, good value, and great for kids. It is Copacabana, a Brazilian restaurant with all you can eat meat; these men come around to the tables with 12 different kind of meat, ranging from bbq ribs to sausage to (my favorite) parmesan-crusted filet mignon. Please go to this restaurant!

Started to read Angels and Demons and while I did find it very fast-paced, I am not sure I am into it. And not because I am a giant book snob (I hate reading something that EVERYONE else has read, including non-readers) but because I am not 100% sure I am into the subject matter. Or maybe it is because I recently read a review of this other book, A Good Marriage, that I now really want to read. I think I am ready to read heart-breaking books again. And once I have it into my head that I want to read a book, I just can't get into anything else. That is why I could never be an English Major in university even though I tried; when I was reading one book, I would constantly be thinking of something else I wanted to read more.

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